1. Alan_uk

    Rear Axle refurb - what paint finish?

    As part of my rear axle restoration I need to get quotes for shot blasting. I'm looking for view on what paint finish to go for. Many years ago I had a historic sign shot blasted and I recall...
  2. Alan_uk

    Worn paint on the rear seats pull up handles etc

    The paint on and around the rear seat pull up release handles is worn. I guess it is soft touch. Mine's beige. If soft touch I could order some via Rick but on the other hand, it will no doubt wear soon again. What have other people done? Is there a thread? (can't find one)
  3. mars

    Paint suggestions to color match plastics

    Hello, A2OC. I am once again asking for your advice here. I'm thinking of forking over some thirty bucks to Audi Tradition for the famous under handbrake tray to spruce up my loved one's A2 (here seen in spectacular Audi Tradition quality) Thing is, the part in the correct soul black is more...
  4. Alan_uk

    What is this blemish?

    I've just spent 3 days giving the A2 it's annual spring clean inside and out - not perfect - just don't have the time. The downside is one sees all the chips and scratches. I did notice this "tarnish on the very top of the nearside wing. Any ideas what is the cause and the remedy? Could it be...
  5. L

    Change/restore Rear Drum Brakes&shoeS on Audi A2 1.4Tdi Pt4

  6. K

    Fitting genuine roof bars - protecting paint

    I'm planning a Cornwall road trip later this year and I might fit the genuine roof bars I have stashed in the attic so I can load more stuff on the roof. I was wondering what products are a good fit for the A2 for protecting the paint from rubbing and scratches around the anchoring points - a...
  7. Alan_uk

    16" SE Wheels Paint Z17 or LY7J

    Hi. Lot of old posts say the paint code for 16" SE Wheels is Avus Silver Metallic Z17. In fact I have a spay can of that in front of me from many years back. The posts also say wheel colours can be slightly different to the body colours. Dealer is now saying that Z17 does not exist and suggests...
  8. 6

    Colour of paint please.

    Hey guys, Look, i know my car is blue, that part, i got ;), But as i have a few little marks and odd scratch here and there, i want to buy a touch up paint for it but dont know what kind of blue i have! Does anyone have a like a list of colours available for the A2 and what colour i have :)...
  9. Alan_uk

    Anti-corrosion protection

    I've just read the BBC article about the Bloodhound 1,000 mph record attempt car [or is it more a plane that's kept on the ground ;) ]. Besides use of titanium (very hard to work) it also mentions anodising the aluminium to protect it from corrosion, specifically salt in the salt beds in South...
  10. jonbad

    Best or Worst Paint Touch Up Kits & Ratings

    I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to paint touch up kits and what people have found with them. I suggest following the following questions when rating the paint touch up kit. Price (low £1-5 medium £6-10 high £10+) Contents (just a pot of paint or several...