1. esayem

    A2 Project MMII

    Introduction: Hi all, I’m starting a thread here to document progress in restoring and upgrading my first A2, the details of which are as follows: Engine 1.4 Petrol (BBY) Year of manufacture 2002 (hence the project name) Mileage at purchase 71,000 Colour Cobalt Blue (LZ5Q) Spec SE...
  2. larax

    "Non-runner for years" 1.6 FSI worth buying?

    Hi Everyone! Firstly thanks for letting me join to this group! The reason I'm here to get some advice whether worth buying an A2 which wasn't used for years or not?! Today I've been in Bradford to check out two Audi A2. (I'm currently living in Leeds) One in light blue (maybe baby blue) and...
  3. R

    EGR valve replacement or clean

    Hi all, this is my first post in this informative group so please excuse my potential ignorance. I had a VAG diagnostics scan today due to a number of issues that have recenty occured, EM light on and overheating being 2 of them. The scan came back saying I had potential errors with the EGR. Now...
  4. K

    Misfire at 60 mph + maintained speed. 1.4 Petrol

    Hi there, you have probably heard about the misfire thing a dozen times. I picked my lovely little a2 up recently. It was driving fine until I tried a motorway journey. The car lost power at about 60 mph and started running on 3 cylinders. The EM light was flashing. I limped to my destination...
  5. A

    Information Looking to buy an A2 in the next two months.... But I would like some extra info! :)

    Hey Guys First of all, brilliant forum, lots of interesting facts etc, love it! I am new to the forum as I am going to go and buy myself an A2 in the next few months, but first of all I was wondering on things to look out for? Common problems, sounds that suggest further issues with the car...
  6. F

    1.4 Petrol makes a bizarre noise when starting

    Like an elephant... that's the best way to describe it. Dunno whether it's cogs jumping or something, don't have any problems starting it just makes the most bizarre noise. Any ideas ??