1. D

    Economy tuning

    I feel like this is probably a good place to share, with A2’s being fairly economy optimised as they are. I’m hoping to collect some data using the most “standard” set of conditions as I can on how various ECU adjustments affect economy. This information is all going to be in relation to a 1.4...
  2. andrew007007

    Engine Re map / Drive shafts wear

    Hi all, Got a Sport 90 remapped by stealth, Had new drive shafts about 3 months ago, I put this down to Milage / wear & tear. (165k) 6 weeks later, new drive shaft gone, garage put it down to faulty supplier. (replaced under warranty) Seems like I'm getting new symtons of drive shaft...
  3. andrew007007

    Chat Glad I'm. Back...

    Morning Gents and ladies. Been driving my A2 for 3 weeks now and have adjusted to the car. I have to say I love it!! i love the growl the torque and the opposition faces when I put my foot down !! On Wednesday it's the 6th July - but to me it's more like December 25..... Why ? I'm off...
  4. T

    Stealth Racing Re Map Experience

    As a new member on behalf of my wife I thought I would briefly explain our Stealth experience last sat. Having booked our 1.4tdi 90 in several weeks ago which was bought a month earlier with 86,000 miles I decided to renew the cambelt, water pump and kit before going to Stealth. Met up with...
  5. D

    insurance for a remap??

    Hi I've just had my A2 remapped to 110 bhp and its awesome. If I tell my insurance though deos anyone how much they would up it by? Many thanks
  6. K

    Yet another very happy Stealth customer! (TDI 75 remap)

    After reading all the rave reviews of Stealth remapping, I decided to follow suit and had my A2 1.4 TDI 75 Sport remapped by Stealth on Friday. Vince got straight to work upon arrival and after a short while came back to me and said it looks like it had already been remapped, albeit not very...
  7. andrew007007

    Any 90 tdi stealth re- mappers

    have any 90 tdi members had a stealth remap done? overall pleased with the performance with the 90 sport, but getting very tempeted to have the job done on my 90. Any members comments?
  8. Swalsey

    The long term prospects of a remap

    Hello all, I'm considering a remap (1.4 TDI 75), and I have a few things I'm unsure about. If you have had one then please share your knowledge! I've done a search but there doesn't seem anything specific, and I plan to run my A2 until death (of he car) do us part! 1 - Will the remap...
  9. R

    Strange noise after remap like metal tinkling

    Hi All, I have recently had my 1.4 TDi 75 PS remapped. It's been remapped from 73 BHP - 144 Torque (lbft) up to 105BHP - 207 Torque (lbft) The improvement is astounding, the car is much more fun to drive now and relaxed driving is much easier with less gear changing etc. However...