tdi 75

  1. fyrstyk

    It's time for me to say hello!

    Hi All I unintentionally jumped into ownership just after Christmas with this £350 1.4 TDi with just under 160k. Various bits and bobs needed sorting. Done so far.... New seats New driver's door Soft touch switches all replaced and radio refurbed Brake light switch Heated wing mirrors Theres...
  2. Damian Bond

    Chat What to look out for at 150,000 miles on a TDI 75?

    Evening/morning I’m in need of some advice, after my first 3 months and 10,000 miles of ownership all seems to be well with my A2. all the milage is due to me being between jobs and having the time on my hands to appreciate this car. I’m just wondering is there’s anything in particular to...
  3. L

    Did any of you got stuck in last week's floods ??

  4. S

    Information What the TDI 75 looks like under the bonnet

    I thought I'd share some pictures of the TDi 75 AMF engine bay, during my strip down of the parts under the bonnet. Some might find it interesting as to what it looks like under there and in parts. So, here we go.... More to follow....
  5. R

    Cannot select reverse gear when engine is warm

    I have a 2002 1.4Tdi 75bhp A2 with normal manual gearbox, and have covered about 150,000 miles. Recently I cannot select reverse gear when the engine is warm/hot (ie after driving for a while). Everything works ok when starting from cold in the morning, but at the end of a drive it is impossible...
  6. Alexandra

    Sainsburys City Diesel or Super Diesel for 1.4 TDI (75)

    Hi, I've owned my 2001 1.4 TDI (75) since the beginning of July this year and I have been using Sainsburys City diesel to fill up the tank. My mother also drives my car and when she fills up, she uses Sainsburys Super Diesel. I didn't know what she had been using until this morning and I am now...
  7. K

    Yet another very happy Stealth customer! (TDI 75 remap)

    After reading all the rave reviews of Stealth remapping, I decided to follow suit and had my A2 1.4 TDI 75 Sport remapped by Stealth on Friday. Vince got straight to work upon arrival and after a short while came back to me and said it looks like it had already been remapped, albeit not very...