1. beachedolphin

    Lets talk about this...

    Afternoon all, I've decided to jump on here for a change for advice.. I'm looking to fit spacers onto Lyra after speaking to a few other A2 owners I think the best set up would be 5mm on the front and 10mm on the back my current set up is 17 x 7.5J 43ET with 205 40 tyres and lowered 50mm does...
  2. N

    Hub caps wheel centres for 04 1.6FSI

    Hi does anyone have, or know where I can get cheaply, one of the above please. Tyre fitter broke one. Thanks
  3. SnubNose

    ContiPremiumContact 2 185/50r16 tyres fitted.

    Hi Guys Well at long last I needed to stick my hand in my pocket for some new rubber. Some will think me a tyre snob, but I will only ever fit premium brand tyres to my cars. With this tyre size there is not much choice, Continental, Bridgestone, for a standard summer tyre. There is only a very...
  4. CwK80

    Boring Tyre Query!

    Hey folks... apologies for not being on here for a long time. But I have a boring tyre question/query to ask! My car has gone through the MOT with an advisory on 3 of the tyres. Both rear tyres and the NS front have cuts on the tyre wall. The NS front has a very slow puncture because of it...
  5. A

    Wider Wheels and 17", peoples thoughts and opinions?

    So having driven the A2 a fair bit the last few days I feel it could do with a bit more tyre on the road. Obviously i'm not trying to turn it into a racing car or trying to drive it like one. But I do find on roundabouts the turn in is a little wobbly and tends to under steer a little bit...
  6. KneesUp

    Do mytyres still stock the A2 winter tyres and steel wheels combo?

    I've been trying to order a set of steel-wheels and winter tyres from mytyres. In the distant past they have been able to supply but the site keeps saying 'out of stock' and has done for ages. Their customer services can't tell me whether the product has been discontinued. They just keep saying...
  7. W

    A2 wheel trims.

    Hi I recently purchased a 2002 A2 1.4 base model, one owner with FSH by main dealer, the car looks like it has just left the showroom having been pampered all it's life, however it only has 3 Audi wheel trims and I would like to source a forth but without the main dealer price tag, can anyone...
  8. S

    Wheel wobble

    Hi, I bought a 51 plate 1.4 SE last week. All good apart from a serious wheel shudder at 60mph+. The wheels were balanced before I bought it, so I can only assume that i have a buckle. The wheels are 17 inch 205/40 ZR17 84W on both front and back. Wheel shudder aside I'm pretty unimpressed...
  9. L.Hurst

    16" SE Alloys - How much?

    Hi there Havent been on here for along time really. Basically I am thinking of selling my 16" SE alloys which have been in garage for awhile now. All four tyres have a good amount of tread on, and all alloys are in good condition, very min. curbing and only one scratch. So all in all a...