1.4 TDI injector change tips


Hi everyone, just changed the injectors on my 1.4 TDI (AMF engine), thought I'd put down a few notes in case anyone else is thinking about doing the same. It's not meant to be a 'how to' guide but just a few tips based on my experience...

My A2 had been running fine, but a few months a go it would occasionally drop down to two cylinders and feel a bit sorry for itself. I tried some injector cleaner to start with, but no joy. The symptoms then pointed me to the injector loom which as I had one already I swapped over, but alas no joy either. After reading lots of further comments on here and on youtube, I then suspected a duff injector...

Engine measuring blocks group 013 shows the injector idle control values. After a few tests and when the car decided to struggle I could see the injector no.2 value change to + 2.99 definitely indicating an injector fault (scale goes to 2.80 max before showing 2.99). Also, the car would produce quite a bit of white smoke which got me worried. You read the numbers as to what the car is trying to do, ie in my case it was underfuelling and trying to increase the fuelling on that cylinder and reduce the others to get a smoother run, but not possible in this case. I'm guessing the injector was failing internally or possible leaking fuel at the wrong time/pressure hence the smoke - but, it never let me down, obviously needed sorting though...

I thought about getting the injectors cleaned or exchanged, but that would leave the car off the road or risk another 'unknown', so I really wanted to find a new set if possible. After many hours of internet searching I managed to find a brand new old stock set of genuine Bosch injectors for just over £200, which although not insignificant, I thought was a good find !. Two from Amazon, one on eBay for the record. I've listed the part numbers below to search for - these fit all the 1.4 TDI AMF (75bhp) engines to the best of my knowledge, although obviously please double check if in doubt:-

Audi P/N's: 045130073T or 045130079X (exchange)
Bosch P/N's: 0414720035 or 0986441551 (I had these and they fitted perfected and matched the originals)

To fit, just be methodical and follow the Audi instructions which I found on a previous thread (or a google search will no doubt bring up if you haven't bought access to the online Audi manuals...). A few tips I found:-

- Remove glow plugs to make the engine easier to turn over on crankshaft bolt (can be done from engine bay, no need to remove the undertray)
- My injectors came out very easily after unbolting the x3 clamp bolts and using a pry bar to rock them left to right a few times and then I simply used a trim removal hook and the pry bar on either side and surprisingly they all came straight out no problem.
- When installing you can either measure the rocker/injector lowest point using a dial gauge (as per the manual) or a workaround I used is to turn the engine on the crankshaft and when installing the injector for the cylinder in question simply ensure the camshaft lobes for inlet/exhaust valves are pointing upwards symmetrically and then the roller for the injector rocker will be at the tip of its camshaft lobe (pushing down the injector the most at this point). You can feel the steep climb of the lobe before it reaches this lowest injector position. I also put a small marker on the inside of the camshaft pulley for each cylinder 1,2,3 in turn (firing order) and then turned the engine by hand a few times to be certain all was well and everything lined up.
- Remember to also change the injector bolts x3, rocker bolts x6 and injector adjuster screws x3 as recommended and set the injector adjuster screw positions (wind down until positive resistance is felt and then back off 180 degrees before tightening to 30nm)

End result - car runs smoothly, starts cleanly, no smoke and passed its MOT yesterday with no advisories - so I'm ever so slightly relieved !

Apologies, I should have taken a few more pictures, but hopefully the tips will help too...


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Don’t suppose you would be up for helping me do the same with my ATL one day 🙄? I’m willing to learn. Have all the parts ready to go.
That’s great work and a very keen bargain for those injectors - I think most people charge 200 quid just for one don’t they?

NOTE TO @drewroberts and @jonjo - ATL injectors are different, don’t fit the ones listed here!
That’s great work and a very keen bargain for those injectors - I think most people charge 200 quid just for one don’t they?

NOTE TO @drewroberts and @jonjo - ATL injectors are different, don’t fit the ones listed here!
Are they the same as the 1.9PD engine?
These come in at £550 new or £100 re-con each. 💥💵

@justin-20V did you have to code them on vcds or similar afterwards?