4th and 5th September - Weekend Camping Social @ Broaches Farm, Richmond, N Yorkshire

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Event start date: Saturday 2021-09-04
Event end date: Sunday 2021-09-05
Registration ends: Saturday 2021-08-28
# Username Guest count Note
1 jp.oog jp.oog 2 Both days. No camping.
2 murdo murdo 1 Tent pitch with electric hook up if possible. I have a long extension cable if I need to be near a caravan pitch
3 ICowie ICowie 1 Both days with no camping
4 RZX RZX 2 B&B room please for Saturday night
5 Proghound Proghound 2 Me & Lynette. Provisionally, a motorhome pitch with hookup please.
6 damadgeruk damadgeruk 4 Likely staying at Catterick Premier Inn Fri and Sat, family at school on Mon
7 timmus timmus 1 Possibly +1. Timmus services available. Overnighting in a tent on the site.
8 2work 2work 4 2x A2s. Whole family camping Saturday evening.
9 T Terryg 2 Day visit
10 Virginiacg Virginiacg 2 Both days, Ideally an electric tent pitch, if not other arrangements might be needed
11 Bexydack01 Bexydack01 1 Unsure how to pay to come to this but I defo want to come
12 Teresa Teresa 2 Camping
13 Rich. Rich. 1 Elec Hook-up - i’ve a long cable. Fri and Sat night.
14 S spike 2 Day visit
15 Dave M Dave M 2  
16 N NLS14M 1 Day visits
17 D Darren C 4 Staying at a nearby Premier Inn
18 Mka306 Mka306 2 Saturday night camping (electric a must)
19 wills wills 2 Saturday/Sunday.Tent pitch, with electricity, if possible
20 in9999 in9999 1 Camping pitch for Saturday night please
21 George Hogg George Hogg 2  
Money for Barnard Castle entry sent T. Cash paid on the Saturday to you for the BBQ and farm entry.

Many thanks.

Dave. ? :)
Just sharing one of my thoughts that I put on the feedback form, which perhaps should be borne in mind for future events… I think that one of the things that made it so enjoyable was that we had the campsite to gather in to ourselves (well, more or less…), and that the dales tour was so remarkably free from traffic most of the way. There might have been a small element of good fortune in this, but I‘d like to think it was also an inspired choice of location and time of year (i.e. just outside the peak of the summer hols). If we’d spent the day fighting the crowds it might not have been such a wonderfully relaxed occasion.
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Just arrived home in darkest Surrey. What a fabulous day it was, superb cars obviously - and fantastic to get the colour storm group shot, a spectacular drive through the dales, but most of all such a great welcome and wonderful atmosphere. Enough to make me wonder whether I should sell Gracie after all, but I’ll have to reflect on that in the cold light of day… ?
You can always get new neighbours...
Unfortunately no show from a blue colour storm, but don't these look beautiful
Fortunately we did manage to get one photo with Becky's car
It could be a stop/taillight bulb in the wrong way round, switch on your side lights then check if it swaps around and ends up being brighter instead of duller when you brake. If so that'll be your problem ?

I'll second that.
The twin filament bulbs have offset locating pins which should in theory ensure they can only be fitted one way round.
It's however fairly easy to fit it the wrong way and often the only give-away is the bulb sits lop sided.

The packet should say...... Once installed, to check correct fitment, . drive in a convoy with a keen photographer in the car behind.

Cheers Spike
A quick edit. Hope you like it.

Going to have to eat my words here. I was rather skeptical about using a drone. Was expecting it to be quite large, powered by model aero engines and sound like a helicopter.
It was amazingly small and unobtrusive and the results were fantastic - the film footage showing the cars and camp site at their best

How wrong could I be............... answers on a postcard, or in the case of my wife, an A4 dossier

Cheers Spike