A2 Door Cracking


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Following on from discussions I had at ADI last weekend, could anyone who is currently trying to get doors repaired and is having difficulty, or has been knocked back by a dealership altogether please forward their details to me.

I will need photos of the cracking if possible, together with your full name, the vehicle details (reg/VIN and model info), as well as the details of how far you've gone so far at your dealership and the details of who you've been dealing with there.

Can I stress that this is only for the metal fatigue issue affecting the top front hinges, NOT the cracking noise caused by the lower front door strap.


Just a quick post to say that Audi have now contacted me and are going ahead with sorting my doors finally, so many thanks mike for giving it a push in the right direction!!

Stuart :)
No worries - thanks for letting me know of the outcome - it's nice to know that Audi are still honouring this.


Glasgow Audi

Glasgow Audi's Bodyshop in Hillington, honour the warranty repair work.

Obviously this only helps owners in the west of Scotland but....

They are more than positive about it all. If the staff member you speak to doesn't know, the (s)he will have a look on the computer while you drink tea or coffee and read the cost of extras on an A8/S8.
They're polite and once they've looked at the doors, they order the parts and book you in.
I'm even getting a courtesy car while the two days worth of work is being done to Kolo.
Glasgow Audi are normally costly because of the quality of there customer service and expensive coffee. As this is free, get in there. The worst thing they can do is not put sugar in.
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Hi Mike,
We've owned our A2 for over 5 years but only just joined/use the forum, I've checked the front doors and I have these cracks too.

Do you or anyone know which of these two dealers would be easier to get a result? Tamworth Audi or Birmingham Audi? As I'm probably in between the two.

Not contacted any dealers yet so I'll wait a couple days and see if anyone has experience with these Midlands franchises.

Kind Regards
wouldn't have thought it would make any difference, i would go to the closest. Don't forget this is free they may charge you for the courtesy car, normally about £10 as an admin charge but not all do. Good luck and welcome to the forum

Cheers Phil
I know that Birmingham Audi have done a couple of A2s now, but think that they had to be 'reminded' of the free nature of the work.

See what they say,


'reminded' ha ha.

Anyway just double checked the Birmingham Audi address and they seem to be in Solihull? Theres another one in Birmingham which is called 'Audi approved Birmingham', do they do this work? or do they only sell used Audis? will know tomorrow.

My previous nearest franchise dealer 'Sutton Coldfield Audi' has closed down, thats why I don't seem to know where to go.

Stick with franchised dealerships Tony, so Brum or Halesowen (think this used to be called Beechwood).

You should get in touch with 2 of our more prominent members who are in your neck of the woods, Robin and Driveforward - they'll be able to help you out on no end of topics.


Took the A2 into Tamworth Audi( What a big 'new' showroom) on Monday -30th Nov.
Dean who deals warranty claims took some pictures to 'make a report' for authorisation(from Audi UK I guess). He said somone would contact me but no one has as yet, I'll try tomorrow or maybe Monday.

How long does it take for a response normally?
I have noticed today my front drivers side door has a crack in it just above the hinge, I am the 3rd owner of my a2 does this matter in regards to the warranty would I be able to get it fixed? what do they do to fix it????? and what should I do?:confused::eek:
Your smileys couldnt have said it better Scott!

Have a search for the thread entitled 'aluminium fatigue' Memory serving, its the single most read topic on the forum. The answer to all your Q's are in there and the main details are in addition to Skips note on this thread which is intended to help out when the dealers insist its not covered!

Good luck with your local dealer - don't accept the common response ' the cars out of warranty and therefore not covered'. In Audi dealers defence, that'll be true for a lot of cases and theyre probably trained to say it. However - the A2 door cracking is 100% covered regardless of age, ownership/service history or mileage and its free of charge.
Print off the post detailing the 'campaign code' for back up when you make enquiries. Alternatively, save time by ringing them, quote the campaign details and ask them to review it before you turn up for the car to be assessed. Let us know how you get on. :D
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I have noticed today my front drivers side door has a crack in it just above the hinge, I am the 3rd owner of my a2 does this matter in regards to the warranty would I be able to get it fixed? what do they do to fix it????? and what should I do?:confused::eek:

If you want to know what they do? have a look at the photos on my profile and you will see the befroe and after shots ;)

Thanks Murdo, lookes like an expensive thing to put right yourself, I had a look at the other side with a torch and that side is cracked as well! but there is no problem fitting wise, but the drivers door is a really bad fit now, being a body fitter I tried to adjust it but I got one thing right and another went wrong! thats when I realized it was cracked
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Good news update, got the call from Tamworth Audi last week and they have arranged for my car to be repaired next week. So it's another A2 on the repaired list, well its not repaired yet but book in so thats as good as fixed right?

I'll post with a proper 'fixed' update when repaired.

Hopefullly I can get it sorted as easy as you, the thing im worried about is im only 20 years old, I dont want them to think "hes just a young boy we will just fob him off!". I am no good at arguing and will probably end up walking out with my head down:D. I will do my best and hope I can get it sorted and can hold the arguement:mad:. Im going there tomorrow so will let you no what they say.