A2 FXU - M25 just now


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Almost definitely an enthusiast’s car travelling south between the A3 and M3 - nice to get a wave back!

Was also nice to have two A2-registered cars in convoy briefly.
Hi dj. It was me !
You were the second A2 spotted today; one going south about 10:30 on the A1.
You are keeping it tip top (apart from mud!)
I was not far from home from a job in Peterborough. Heavy M25 but still got 80mpg
Ha! First confirmed A2OC spot whilst out on the road @oko - be honoured!

Were you in your high mileage car? It looked very clean, I knew instantly from both the plate and the condition you’d probably be a member.

Yes Audrey needs a wash but I was 2/3 into a 500 mile round trip between Devon and Cambridge and the lanes down here are still a bit wet and muddy - but feedback is a gift so I’ll get on with giving the old girl a wash!

Managed to do 69.5 mpg for the whole 200 miles home with the cruise control on at 70 so that wasn’t bad.
Thank you, honoured indeed !
Yes 293 k now should update 200k club or maybe x-mas/ new year time create the 300k club !
The UK number plates were fitted yesterday in prep for trip abroad, so I had to give it a quick quarterly wash. (its good you did not have a closer look)
Yes 70 at 70 is good; positively speeding ha 80 at 60 for me, the wind helped us both ways I believe.
Well I should have caveated 70mph indicated - so in reality it's high 60's and therefore not quite as reckless :) At this speed with a PTW it'd be roughly the same as your car with a MYP in equating to about 1950 RPM in top?

So a nice balance between refinement, fuel economy, being in the torque sweet spot (important for steeper hills with the longer gearing) and actually making progress on long journeys: I was conscious yesterday that I wanted to get home before my kids are in bed at 7:30pm if at all possible. That said if I turned CC off and allowed the speed to wander up and down on hills I'm sure I could have easily cracked 70mpg.

I've finally worked out how to get maximum comfort from the non-lumbar sports seats too so 4 hours of driving at a time (bio breaks not withstanding) now doesn't cripple me! Have a good day.
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