Advertising of member services provided will now be permitted in the open forums

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Admin Team
Advertising of services -- such as retrofitting, diagnostics, key coding, refurbishing or 3D-printing of parts -- offered by forum members has historically been restricted to the Market/Parts forum, and those members' user signatures. However, with the Market requiring paid access, and the invisibility of user signatures through browsers such as Tapatalk, many users of A2OC forums may not be aware of some or all of the services provided by various forum members. Following a recent approach to the Admin team we recognise the difficulty and inconvenience that this may cause to members who provide services to other forum users.

It has therefore been decided to permit one thread per member in the open forums, in which they can advertise any or all of the services they provide, and where interested forum users can establish initial contact to obtain services, leave comments and reviews. Each member providing a service may post their thread in the subforum of their choice.

Members are reminded that, following allegations of copyright infringement, the A2OC cannot support the advertising of any engine remapping services offered by members. Members must not advertise these services nor promote such services of other members on the forum.

As with advertisements in the Market, the following clauses apply to member services advertised in the open forum.

  • The A2OC does not accept responsibility for the member services advertised, or the information therein.
  • The A2OC or the Admin team cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred from the use of member services advertised. If you are a victim of any activity you feel is illegal then please report this to the Admin team who will endeavour to help you.
  • Anyone deliberately defrauding other advertisers will be dealt with severely. We encourage defrauded advertisers to seek assistance from the police and we will actively assist the authorities to secure a conviction.
  • The A2OC will cooperate with the police and trading standards if they suspect someone to have advertised a service illegally or contravening the Sale of Goods act. We will retain personal details of advertisers which may be disclosed to the police and Trading Standards for the purposes of preventing and detecting crime, or to a user with a justified complaint about a service provided.
This change to the forum advertising policy is solely concerned with member services offered, and may be subject to further review and amendment from time to time. It does not permit sales of cars, or of new or unrefurbished used parts to be advertised within the open forums. These items must continue to be advertised in the Market.

Your Admin team.
It has further been decided that a condition will be placed on open forum advertising of services, that it will be allowed for active members who have been with us for at least a year.

This is to reflect that the forum is primarily a social platform for our A2 community, rather than an outlet on which businesses can simply advertise. This will also hopefully ensure that members wishing to advertise services in the open forums - while this may be as a business - are already well-established and known in our community.
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