Advice on Winter Tyre Pressures


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Having to go to Europe at short notice going via Germany and the Swiss Alps, so tomorrow am having fitted 4 x Kumho WinterCraft WP51's, size 205/50/16 on my trusty Tdi Storm. Reckon I will be covering 3/4k miles with 75% on motorways.

These are my first set of winter tyres and would appreciate any advice on the pressures I should be running them at. Car will be emptyish on the outward journey but fully loaded on the way back.

During the summer I can normally achieve 70 mpg on this run, but reckon that with these tyres and the colder temps this will drop by 20%, but this is a guess, so again it will be interesting to know other opinions based on experience.



Admin Team
Unless I know I'm going to be driving on snow I run my winter tyres at my normal pressures which I usually set to the laden pressures. I'll be surprised if you deviate more than 10% running on winter tyres. I've not long fitted our yellow CS with winter boots, got a photo of yours?


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Just thought I would post my initial impressions of the Kumho WinterCraft WP51 winter tyres as I had read a lot of conflicting reports on performance and was unsure about my choice.
I was switching from the Hankook Ventus Prime 205/50/16 that have always performed well.

I tested the winter tyres in both wet and dry at a temp varying between 9-12C, so above the optimal performance temperature for a winter tyre. Tyre pressures set to normal. I was pleasantly surprised with good levels of grip in cornering and stopping. Noise was slightly more but nothing terrible and the big gain was comfort. The car now 'eats' speed humps! Not entirely sure of the reason for this but it could be that the tyres are not reinforced.

So at the moment a big thumbs up for the Kumho WinterCraft WP51's but now about to drive across the Swiss alps, so that will be the real test.