Audi A2 by Mtl - getting it back on the road as a weekend car


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Audi A2 1.4 16v, year 2000, purchased in 2011, was used for 2 years and after that parked and only occassionally driven to stay ''alive''. It has 109.000 kilometers.
So after ''sitting'' for 8 years I intend to put it back on the road, but not as a daily, but just as a weekend car and I do not intend to drive it in the winter.
I was hoping that ICE to EV kits will become available sooner for an acceptable price, but since there is nothing regarding this in the near future, I have decided to put the baby with its ICE back on the road.
So, my current list of the things that are NOT broken to do is:
complete service with oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter
spark plug replacement
timing belt with water pump and coolant replacement (although it has been only 20.000 kilometers from the replacement, but it is already 10 years)
clutch replacement (the clutch pedal point is already quite high, not really needed as is, but what the heck...)
valve rubber seals replacement (known fault with AUA engines, that leads to oil consumption :()
front brake disc and pads replacement
rear brake ''pads'' replacement
brake fluid replacement
tire replacement (they are almost like new, but 10 years old)
battery replacement (if needed, looks strong for now, was on a battery tender regularly)

After that we go to the things that are broken:
all four shocks were replaced with Sachs in 2012 and have since done 5.000 kilometers so they should be ok
air condition filling (not working currently, has also G263 and G65 trouble codes)
alarm button replacement (already done)
Concert radio chip replacement (already done)
button for drivers window and button for locking the windows do not click - probably need replacing
car automatically locks after 30 second even if the doors are open: probably a microswitch problem or a CCU fault, since diagnostics shows CCU FAULTY error :(
rear left doors do not lock
shocks for rear boot are on the way out (not yet completelly dead, but I need to help the boot to go up)
replacing front wiper
rubber dash parts are getting sticky, luckly not the buttons (this I will tackle in the future, if it will become annoying)
starter does not disengage immediatelly from time to time
warning for coolant temperature sometimes pops up, although coolant temperature is ok (probably the sensor is defective)

So, this is what I have found until now :). It is amazing how this beauty breaks when just ''sitting'' :).

A wish: cruise control retrofit in the process

After all this is done and the beauty is in perfect mechanical condition it will need a few cosmetic touches together with wheel reconditioning.

Anyway, since the engine will get full service and also other parts I would appreciate if you could suggest maybe also some other things that would be good to replace and also if you have any input into items in this list, I would appreciate to hear it.
PS: I intend to keep the car in stock form, so I do not have any plans to upgrade it, but if any good suggestions, especially regarding driving over turns, I am willing to listen.

And here is my beauty.


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Personally I prefer a project thread on here. There are now a few bad examples of repairs done by someone on YT. Keeping the write up on here is not any more private but you will get pointers and help and perhaps more sensible questions from members here.

Whatever you decide to do good luck.
I agree.
I do not intend to do tutorial videos on repairs, just document my experiense and I will also try to write some part nr. on interchangeable parts (for example windows switches). Some of the issues I will repair myself, others will be done by a workshop. ;)
Btw. thx for all your help on quite a lot of questions I had/will have ;).
Interesting photo made with infrared camera :). Sadly I did not have time to make more, but I will try to make a video after the drive.


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Also from glass. The car got some heat on one side from evening sun.
I will try to make a video after longer drive, that should show the heat also on brake rotors, etc.
Episode 5: CCU unit repaired and installed. One problem solved :).
I have also included some explanation regarding the coding of CCU unit and how to relearn the remote controlls.
Interestingly on my first take I was not able to relearn them with VCDS, I have done it through manual procedure. When trying to film this, I was not able to relearn them through manual procedure:eek:, but VCDS procedure worked :). After that I was out of time, so was not able to test again with manual procedure.
Link to detailed description of both procedures:
Episode 7: rear doors did not lock and the problem was not in the door locking mechanism but in the door control module:

I would also need an opinion or suggestions for two things.
First, the wheels. I really like the factory 16 inch SE wheels, but sadly the previous owner was not really carefull and as you can see on the attached photo they are quite scuffed. I would really like to use them, but the cost for refurbishing is around 350 EUR. And I would also like to install cca. 1cm spacers on them, so that the wheels would be 1cm towards outside of the car, to give it that bumped up stance. Now, that is another 200 EUR (legal with papers, which I do want). I would like to have this setup and leave the car completelly stock, but I am wondering if I can get genuine Audi wheels from another Audi model in good condition with smaller ET 25, which would eliminate the need for spacers and also the cost of them would probably be lower. What is the usually ET on Audi A1 wheels? I would like to stay with 16 inch wheels, beause 17 inch wheels are not homologated on my car, so that would require another 100 EUR just for papers and probably it would have quite a big impact on ride quality.

The second thing is the audio system upgrade. Currently I have Concert I with CD changer at the back. And this stays as it is, because I like the factory look and the audio quality is great. But I would like to add between the radio and CD changer a device, that would allow me to play music via BT and if possible (not a must) also bt phone calls.
With some research I have found Yatour and XcarLink. I have found some feedback that XcarLink BT music audio quality is not really best. I am not an audiophile, but I really enjoy the sound quality of Concert 1. Are there any other options? I would like to keep my CD changer operational. I have read that Yatour offers this option by double clicking to the CD (if I remmember correctly) button, thus switching between CD changer or Yatour device, but it is not clearly stated if this works also with Concert I radio.
What would you suggest?


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Just watched the G263 replacement video (the only one so far) and it was excellent, thank you for the time and effort it must take, I am slightly surprised you have not received more feedback. I appreciate the level of detail that I feel the novice or less confident member needs, instructions like 'Remove trim piece' and they think 'How?', How many fixings?', 'What types and where?' 'Do I push or pull or lever'?, etc which your video makes very clear.

Sensor for Evaporator Outlet Temperature (G263) replaced:

I have also made a quick video regarding Audi A2 lift and jacking points for use with other lifts, since my A2 factory lift tipped over:
Just watched both your videos, Excellent work & thank you for your efforts, as usual very informative & helpful.

Just watched the G263 replacement video (the only one so far) and it was excellent, thank you for the time and effort it must take, I am slightly surprised you have not received more feedback. I appreciate the level of detail that I feel the novice or less confident member needs, instructions like 'Remove trim piece' and they think 'How?', How many fixings?', 'What types and where?' 'Do I push or pull or lever'?, etc which your video makes very clear.

Thank you, that it exactly the reason why I am filming the whole process, because I had/have exactly the same questions.
I mainly follow the instructions/tutorials from a2oc (which I also all link in the video descriptions, so that anyone watching can get as much details as possible prior to working on the car) and I hope that these videos add additional layer of info, which should help A2 owners to decide to do a DIY repair. And this is also a way of me giving back to this excellent community and knowledge base, that keep A2s on the road.
I am not a professional mechanic and if it would not be this excellent knowledge source, I would probably not decide to move forward with the youngtimer project, because it would just not be a smart decision to “dump” so much money into this car, if I would be paying for these jobs to be done by a professional. Even with all the work that I am doing by myself, I think that it will cost me cca. the same amount that the car is currently worth. Not really viable from the economic perspective, but I like the experience along the way, I like the fact that another car will be saved from a scrapyard and the final goal: to have a great car for a weekend drive ;). And this is also a way to “clear” my head from my business and all the other stuff :).
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Hickups when working on an older car (removing a loose bolt for engine plastic undertray with an angle grinder):
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Yesterday the car got a partial replacement of the power steering fluid:
Next round will follow in a few weeks time.
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