Bespoke Club Branded Number Plate Surrounds


After chatting with Andre , "Phonix" over the weekend i really liked there clubs group buy of number plate surrounds , he kindly let me borrow one of the ones he keeps for club members for a few snaps , perhaps we as a club could also orginise a group buy of these as i think they look great, perhaps a german speaking member could get in touch with the company and look into such a purchase for us all and slighly change the design with our A2oc Owners Club and A2s on the Logo ..


The company Details are in the photos , hoping we can Organise something like this as i think they would be a Great add on

Just thought id add the plates where 10 Euros a pair i think he said but unsure on the numbers needed to get that price

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Nice idea.. Definitely something worth bringin to the club.. .. Sure this could generate some interest
Theres no online ordering that i can find so it seems the only way is to call and speak to them direct to get a quote but we will need to have some kind of idea of the design and approx quantity as they would want payment up front.

number plate surrounds.PNG

id suggest the same badge on either side of the surround with the A2 and outline bodyshell and then in the middle the red and silver forum Logo and web address
If the surrounds turn out too expensive or need 'silly' minimum quantity sizes would it be worth considering custom number plates with the Club funding the tooling / artwork up front.

Premium quality pressed alloy plates with the Club details on could be a worthwhile alternative.

Cheers Spike
From what i read on there web site in the FAQ theres no minimum order on plate surrounds they just ask for model , quantity and design and they will quote you with delivery , though im unsure of the quantity andre ordered to get them at 10 euros a pair
Hi Gary,

Nice find and great idea, I would certainly be interested.

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The problem with doing it as a club with the club funding the tooling may not be viable financial wise.. I think going to a supplier with a number of units required would be more beneficial
well could we say leave it for a few weeks for everyone who would like a set to post hear, Then maybe like a social add there names to a list in the thread and then i will ring through, hope they speak english and work out a deal, then everyone would have to make payment and we would order so no club funds required. id be happy paying say £15 to £20 if thats the case for low numbers
Agreed that we be best to perhaps start and take names at least.. Over the next few weeks say... Dependant on numbers we poss could think about a few extra pairs for newer members.. Coming in.. Would have to check if this is possible as someone has to pay out for these pairs up front as it were.. Obviously would give time for a final design to be decided also
i already have a set of chrome surrounds however, my rear one kind of sticks out at the corners and doesnt sit flush with the shape of the boot. this causes a rattle when i close the boot. are these an exact size and would it cure this problem if so, i would like a set too :)