Bracket for air pipe from sump



Does anyone have a spare bracket for sale


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my guess would be all of the A2s rely on a ziptie at this point, these are notorious for breaking from when i've seen, plastic fatigue i guess as the 5 or so i've seen all break at the bend... Zip tie with a bit of hose where it touches oil pan works fine though.

Would be an idea to make something out of stamped aluminium or stainless to replace the plastic bracket, would be nice, however i doubt many other than most enthused enthusiasts would spend the 30-40quid each (i'd guesstimate) to make it worth someone to make these.


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From my experience this plastic bracket is never removed prior to lowering the engine mount when replacing the cam belt. This in turn reduces the support for the turbo outlet pipe which then flexes the bottom of the intercooler. Which then over stresses the lower end cap of the intercooler which cracks and splits open resulting in boost pressure loss and limp mode. You do not even have to unbolt it just release the lock and half swivels down releasing the air pipe from the sump.
I must have replaced about 8 of these brackets. The last one came from Latvia.
Next time I have a broken one will look into fitting a Jubilee clip into it.