Brake light switch failure


just out of interest, this is what I found when I pulled my failed brake light switch apart.

One contact heavily spark eroded and the other perfect!!

It might clean up and work for a while, but I've already put a new one in.

Thinking of adopting led brake lights, which should lower the electrical load.



A2OC Donor
I would not just assume you can replace the brake lights with led ones. The system was designed to have the filament bulbs and upper brake light. The brake system feeds into the ABS and ESP and traction controls systems. It would only take one of these systems to receive a strange signal from the brake switch circuit to trigger a malfunction. As an example if the brake switch draws 1A but with leds only 1/4A ( do not know the real figures only trying to show the principle ) computer could get confused with the car slowing down but not appearing to be braking.


I put some led stop and tail bulbs in my A2 and that caused the high level Brake light to half illuminate without applying the brake just idling. So out they came and the original tungsten filament bulbs went straight back in. As for driving and ABS or ESP faults sorry can't help, as I didn't drive the car with the LED's fitted.


Thanks for the input everyone, seems like led brake lights are off the list.

Sometimes I yearn for the good old days, when things were simple!!