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A2 Essential facts, tips and tricks

Hi Ben
I'm thinking about collating info from all the old threads into a more readable 'Guide to Buying an A2', something that's always available without having to dive into the archives. Should I just start this off as a new thread or is there a better way to do it.
Another idea was to scan in spec sheets and price lists for each model year - would we be allowed to do this without infringing Audi copyright.

Cheers Spike
I have a 2002 price list (edition 2 07/02) and "A2 Details" Brochure (number 133/1102.50.25)

Can't see Audi being worried about reproduction of brochures - after all they don't sell them so there is no loss to Audi when you do. All you have to do if they complain is take them off the site.
Spike - Feel free to start a new thread. If we can refer to existing threads, then that helps to keep them alive - and reduces duplication within the database. We can always close threads when they start getting too long winded.

how do I

How do I get to see the thread about A2 Essential facts, tips and tricks ever time I click on it I log in as asked but it won't let me move on to the tips/tricks.
Many thanks
Identification sticker


is there anyone who can tell me where I can find an identification number (a sticker). I spent some time looking for that but unfortunately without any result (I need it for a technical inspection of a car)?

Thank you,

Just tried setting up my'Symphony' system as suggested in essential facts etc. Cannot get the no 5 button to do what it's supposed to! Any clues?
Hi all,

I hope this is the correct place to post.

I have had a 1.6 FSi for the last year (2003). In general it has been a great car so far. However, we got it serviced in October and that is where some problems began. I will try to be as brief as possible:

When we collected the car after the service it started hunting (I think this is the right term for rev needle jumping while car is idle). Then we brought it back and the garage said it was that the engine was sucking in air on the oil mount. They placed some silicone around the gap between the top of the engine and the oil mount and it seemed ok for a while.

About a week later the accelaration seemed to go, and the reving started again. This time we brought it back and it was a coil that was gone. This was replaced.

The other day the same thing started happening and now all the coils have been replaced. In fairness to the garage, they have been very helpful, but are not all that experienced with the A2.

I am obviously a bit concerned about the car now and starting to get a bit nervous when I drive it. The rev thing seems sorted. It moves about 1 millimeter (if even), which I think is probably normal (Open to correction on this).

I was just wondering if people think I should get it checked by an audi dealer, or should I just give it time and place my trust in it?

Overall, I would be disappointed if the car started to give serious trouble as it was the only car I wanted buy and am hoping to have it for many years to come.

Thanks in advance,

hunting is sort of OK but not really - +-200revs while you're not doing anything.

Injectors / air Error codes. Get them read, post them and then see what happens.

Rattle - that shouldn't happen. What does taking the bonnet off do?

What A2?


Since I, after changing job, just drive about 5K km each year I want to have a smaller car. I like the design of the A2, so I'm (almost) decided on one.

So far I've decided on a car as new as possible.
I want ESP, (anti spin and "anti drift" not sure what the Audi term is).
It would also be nice with "backing sensor" and rain sensor.
I also prefer the cars with fog lights.

But diesel or petrol?
If diesel, 75hp or 90hp?
If I buy a diesel 75hp, I want to chip it, can I tune a petrol just as easy?

Was the A2 delivered with leather interior?

Was Xenon lights an original option?

After reading the forums, it looks like the Open Sky often gets a failure, or am I wrong?

What rim size do you recommend? 17" looks great, but is it a hard ride?
I'm not in my twenty's anymore, I want more comfort now...

Here in Norway it's no many A2's, so i want to know as much as possible of what car to look for before I travel far to look at a car.

I'm greatfull for all ideas, tips, and advice.

Thank you!
Hi Hufse, welcome to the A2oc
UK and European spec cars can differ slightly but check out the Brochures section for price and option lists for most A2 model year cars. -
ESP is standard on all models
Reversing / parking sensors were an option
Rain sensors were not offered on any model
Front fog lights were standard on some UK models and an option on all others. They look nice but performance wise are generally considered to be a waste of time.
Leather trim was an option but Xenon headlights were never available.
Both the diesel models respond well to chipping (because they are turbocharged) Petrol models don't and you would be lucky to increase power by more than 10% without spending a fortune on engine mods.
Petrol or diesel. Best to try both as they all have their good points. A diesel should be about 25 - 30% better on fuel though.

Cheers Spike
Thanks for your answer.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe a used car for sale in Norway had rain sensor listed in the add.

I believed the first model, up till 2002, or something, didn't have ESP.
I could be wrong again, or it could be just on Norwegian cars.

Ok, diesel it is.
To bad it's so few A2's for sale in Norway, at the moment 27 on the biggest car sale site.

Luckily, I'm in no rush, so I can wait.
A car with all the specs I want is maybe hard to find, guess I've to lower my "standards" a bit... Or maybe import a car from Germany.

I bought an A2 (February) in Norway (originally German) which had "Rain sensor" listed in the ad. But no, it didn't have one, as no A2 has one originally.
Haven driven cars with rain sensors before, I don't really miss it because the AeroTwin wiper is very comfortable anyway.

I agree, few A2s are for sale in Norway, and if you want something more than basic/random specs, and not the 75hp engines, importing could be a consideration. Several companies also make this kind of deals.
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I think the opening post has the answer to your question! All the usual stuff, service history, cambelt change, door hinges, operation of all electrics, climate/aircon cooling etc etc, HPi check and so on.