Can anyone help me

A2 Louis

A2OC Donor
Hi all I’ve found my new project it’s a 2004 1.4TDI blue coulor storm :)

But unfortunately it’s 2 hrs away from me and the quotes that I’m getting from Shiply are too high cost and it wouldn’t be worth me buying it :(

It starts and drives it’s just a MOT failure and needs some work to get back on the road

My question is can anyone go and collect the car for me and deliver it to me ?

The car is located in Bridlington and needs to be delivered to me in Leicester :)

Of course I’m not asking anyone to do this for free there will be something in it for you :)

Thank you everyone :)


Merchandising Co-ordinator
As Dave says Louis - no one can drive it to you, so you need someone with a recovery vehicle. Even if you manage to find one who lives in Bridlington, you are going to have to pay quite a bit just to cover their fuel costs so they aren't out of pocket - that's before you think about what you would give them for giving up what would be the best part of a full day of their time really.
I suspect that this may not be feasible as a project unless you know someone with a recovery truck