Carpet mats?



Quite new to the A2 world and club.

Wondered if there was any plans to do tailored carpet mats with the club logo?

Hi try these guys we have been buying from them for years and do a great range of colours and trim colours. Prices may have changed. Taken from an old post----

Ambassador Car mats have confirmed that these are still available the Price for the set of 4 in super velour with logos on both fronts would be £39.99 and P&P is £8.50 (mainland UK).

They don't list the A2OC mats on their site, so I would suggest looking at the custom mats to see colour ways and then calling them with your colour details and stating that you want the A2OC logo included.
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Here is a pic of my yellow colour storm with the mats fitted
storm mats.jpg