Hi friends,

We switched DNS providers recently, and it appears that the proxy capabilities of this provider were preventing the site loading for some users. You may have seen:


I've disabled the proxy for now, so everything should be accessible again.

I'll investigate further with the provider why proxing would cause us issues, as it should provide us an extra layer of security.


I wondered what was going on, I'm finding at the moment that it's taking a couple of seconds for the page to load but gets there eventually
Hello Ben,

I did wonder what was going on this morning when dropping in before setting off for work. Glad all is resolved, thanks again for the magic you control and conduct in the background Sir.

Kind regards,

Thanks Ben, Tried all the suggested solution on my computer and still had the issue. Strange thing was only this site was effected so "thought" the problem was site based.

Is there an email address that we can ask / report if there are site problems?
For the technically minded, the too many redirects occurred as our new DNS provider by default provides redirects from HTTP to HTTPS. We were doing the same in the origin server, and hence got into a loop depending on how you accessed the site.
Tried dozens of times this morning and reset browser, cache and cookies. Realised it was just this site so waited. Impressed by how much this site is valued by members so the administrators are doing a great job.
The jungle drums worked well today - @A2Steve to me, to Murdo, to Ben, then it was all back up in a few minutes. I regret to say I could have sent that text to Murdo sooner though, I'd seen the problem myself earlier in the morning but then got pulled away by work until Steve's text came in. It strikes me that the hard bit is contacting the Admin team in the first place when the site is down. Wondering if we have any options, maybe via the FB page, that can distribute out to the team.
I was on the phone to talk talk for an hour this morning, jumping through hoops, then the problem was resolved. What was interesting was that I could still sign on through my mobile but not my computer.

It would be good if we could have an alternative web address for emergencies, though hopefully this will not happen again.

Well done, Ben and all on admin for fixing the problem