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Hi All

I am surprised by the lack of info on the DIS in various posts. If you search DIS absolutely nothing comes up? I have therfore titled this post simply DIS.

A few posts have been made but most are pretty cryptic i.e level sensor and bulb warning wiring but little else. What is clear that many have done it and for those that it seems pretty straightforward, except for the level sensor install.

I am about to post a full detailed guide to clear matters up once and for all but any help would be appreciated.

The parts I have sourced are as follows;

DIS Cluster £35
All plugs from donor car £20
Stalk £20

I know that the cluster needs coding to the key and the wiring for both the level sensor and bulb warning cancellation is pretty straightforward but can anyone help with wiring the cluster to the stalk?

I am going to make sense of the current flow diagram later today but when I tried to do this for the lumbar support I was pretty surprised by the lack of detailed explanations on where certain connectors are made, particularly the positive connection. I am use to working on BMW wiring diagrams (WDS) that are much clearer, freely available, with all control units labelled clearly including digrams of where they are located. Even earth points are clear but on the Audi version is just says in many cases 'earth on the main wiring harness', what on earth does that mean? Anyhow how rant over I will breath in and attack this full on!

'DIS' in the search will return zero hits because the term is too short at 3 characters. Once you've recovered from rant mode you'd best rename the thread if you'd like future members to benefit from your experience.
Alternatively, try a Google (other search engines are available) search for: "DIS site:www.a2oc.net"


PS Essentially learn to harness the resources which the internet age provides
Ok people, after reviewing the pages recommended by fellow members, all of which seemed very useful, I have decided to let Tony (Hotstuff) do the DIS install for me. The car is with him at his excellent new garage and since he is doing a cruise control retrofit anyway, it makes sense to do the DIS at the same time.

I have yet to fit the headlight wash bottle but Tony will kindly leave the signal wire for the one of the sensor pins in the footwell making this install easier. Although I initially intended to do the DIS mod myself, I have decided that the lack of consistent info on a DIY install, possibiliy of very expensive mistakes (parts prices), and absence of diagnostic equipment on my part, that it would make more sense to get this done my a professional

As for mods still do to these include;

Headlight Wash (bumper + washers already installed)
LED mood lighting in highlighter (open sky switch)
Good decision - Tony did my retrofit-DIS, including adding the larger washer bottle (with level sensor monitoring). He'll have it all sorted to OEM standard no problem :)

(slightly jealous of your headlamp washers!)
Hi Dan

Thanks, I only went ahead with the washers since I managed to source a bumper, jets and bottle for £50. The spray job cost £80 so still pretty costly for a mod some would argue is pointless in the absence of OEM xenons. I don't fancy modifying the headlamp unit so it's just a fancy add on I had to have.