Door cards

Ryan D

Are door cards a straight swap or does the wiring have to come from the old car and onto the new one? I have some which have the same functionality as mine with no extras but they are in better Nick and I’m hoping I can change it no problem.
That depends on the spec of the two cars. If one has electric rear windows and the other doesn't, the rear doorcards will be physically different. I believe there may also be extra wiring in the driver's doorcard to cope with the extra switches for rear doorcards. EDIT: just re-read your post and you state the same functionality between the two sets of doorcards, so this point shouldn't be an issue.

The other thing is that, for any doorcard with a single window switch, there are two styles of connector into that switch, with (IIRC) earlier ones being larger. The changeover doesn't correspond with the change from the outline-style to solid-style icons on the window switches: I've seen outline ones in both connector sizes, but all the solid ones are the later connector type.

All of that said, neither the single switches in their holders, nor the wiring on the back of the doorcard, are difficult to remove and replace with the doorcards off. Thankfully the connection to the window controller is identical on all non-manual window doorcards.