Door lock replacement


I need to replace my front passenger door lock. I hear it's not behind the door trim, but requires access behind the frame? Probably not a job for me then! Any tips here how to do do this job? Thank you 👍


A2OC Donor
It is behind the door trim but also behind the window frame.
Remove the inner door trim by removing the 3 screws, one behind the tweeter grille and 2 in the arm rest. Then pull from the bottom of the trim next to the loudspeaker location, as it starts coming off work your way around the panel. You will now have to remove or disconnect the tweeter speaker and unhook the door handle release and unclip the door window electric switch cable from next to the window motor. The trim can now be placed on the back seat out of the way.
On the metal inner trim you will have to unclip the wires that go across it, unplug the cables into the block beside the window motor ( take a picture of how they fit to help rebuild ) and push the release cable grommet through the panel. Remove the 3 screws securing the window motor and pull it off. Behind where the motor was fitted are the 3 plastic mounts usually blue in colour, they have to be pressed through the panel after pushing in the little locking tabs on each. Next remove all the screws around the inner panel. Once they are all out the panel needs to be gently pulled off the door. It is "stuck" on with foam gasket around the edge and often across the middle.
When you look into the door you will see where the window frame bolts to the door in 4 locations. Mark around these 4 locations to make rebuilding easier. Unclip the wiring loom from the bottom of the door lock and drop it to the bottom of the door. On the rear face of the door you need to remove a little bung to access the door handle. Unscrew the screw under the bung but only until it starts to go tight again. Also on the door face are the 2 large screws that secure the lock into the door, remove them.
Take the rubber weather strip off around the window frame but you do not need to remove it from the door. you can now remove the 4 bolts that secure the window frame inside the door and lift it up out of the door. Feed the electrical cable around the bottom of the frame as you lift it out.
You are finally able to change the door lock. Reach up behind and disconnect the exterior door handle and lower the lock and rotate it out of the door.

Refitting is the reverse, align the window frame bolts up to the marks you made when taking it apart. Do not forget to fit the rain shield back on the door lock nor to refit all the electrical connections. The door cable is hooked from below into the interior handle.

Make sure you get a replacement lock that is suitable for the year of your car as early locks do not work with later cars.