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I managed to buy an "eco switch" to sit next to the traction Control switch in the centre consul to use as an on/off switch. I'm having problems or my glasses need changing so I can see the pins more clearly :) that I can't sort which terminals work as an on/off does anyone know which ones it is ?





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Statement of the obvious but how did you check the pins
There may be better ways but I'd start with pin 1 as the base then probe every other pin for continuity, then pin 2 as the base etc until every combination of pins has been tested.
Sods law says if it' a 10 pin switch, only pins 9 and 10 will make a circuit

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Hi. Once the momentary switched contact is found you could use it to switch a latching relay on, off.
A quick search on ebay(not associated with seller in any way) found this.


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Thankyou, I wanted to use it to switch the hands free kit on and off with a meant to be there look. Seems its a bit more involved 😊. Relay looks like the way to go, come back simple electrics.....


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I've used the exact same relay shown above on three door entry systems.
There are a total of 42 keyholders who use these systems and the relays were fitted in 2014 and not a moment's trouble from any of them.
They are a good solid little piece of kit.


Yes I was trying with one, it seemed no connections between any of the pins, switch in either position.
There is a connection only weile pushen it it down. Release will open the contact again.
Tastschalter in german, pushbutton/ Operator presence control. (mot a switch).
But you know alread, now.