Information ECU wiring connections


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Good afternoon.

I’ve been looking at wiring and patching in connections a fair bit recently and have two questions which I’m sure many on here will be able to help with.


The blue and green connector plugs towards the top of the picture. Is there a way to unclip or move them to allow a bit more freedom to work? It kind of looks like the frame is just a mount for the two blocks to connect together and that the push in clips on the side should free them but I’ve had no luck.

2. When splicing into an existing wire (not counting high voltage or high current) what is preferred chaps and chapesses? A) Scrape of a section of insulation, wrap or thread your new wire, solder and reinsulate. Or b) cut the original wire and crimp on a piggy-back connector and reinsulate before putting a spade on your connection?

Looking for pro tips for silly amateurs here!

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