Engine Light on but no OBD codes??

Just for clarity. Once the bhc/atl anti shudder valve has been confirmed to be working and as no broken gears if the car is still putting the mil light on then I DO have a software fix for this
Drop me a PM if you need more info on this

Cheers. Paul

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I’ve not had to do this as the teeth have always been ok but I do recall a member bought a set of gears from eBay

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That person was probably me. I had stripped gears (the quadrant one welded to the butterfly valve shaft)
I found two types on eBay, brass ones and ’plastic‘ ones. Being cautious of cheap Chinese ones I looked a little wider and found these guys:

Their claims made me think they might be a cut above the Chinese parts. (in retrospect probably not!)
I had a little trouble with fitting correctly because of tolerance issues but once fettled it has worked perfectly for the last 6 months. By the way I only have a plug on OBD II scanner linked to torque lite but it did pick up the code for faulty throttle body. The symptoms of engine overrun on switch off was pretty obvious!
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Super helpful info as ever on this forum and thanks @Sootywg for an update on how this is holding up ?
Upon removal of the ASV and a little close inspection it is clear the cogs are not consistently engaging. Having cleaned up a little grime in between the teeth on the larger cog I could then see stripped teeth on the small cog which was causing the 'sticky flap'. So plan A is try the repair kit.
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Update on the above, repair kit arrived and fitted, tolerance seemed tight with the gap between the overlap of the large cogs but a little careful alignment and a smidge of lithium grease on the flat overlapping surfaces of the two cogs and all seems good, flap is nicely operational again.

One shortish test drive up to temperature and I cannot recall the little A2 ever being this smooth? Light engine load through to 'pressing on' it is just utterly brilliant. Probably more 'poke' too and I suspect fuel efficiency will leap up. I was running mid 50's which ain't bad at all but you can see the numbers staying higher on the real time mpg read out. Perhaps the ASV operation degrades over time but only when the flap sufficiently sticks does it flag an engine fault code and engine management light?

Light still on for now but I assume that it needs to be cleared now the ASV is operational again. If it stays on I will be in touch @depronman

Apologizes if this has been covered before, but I am looking at buying (another) A2, but the EML is on. Plugged in my low cost OBD reader expecting to find the problem, but "no codes" was reported! Went through the clear procedure just in case but the light is stubbornly staying on. It sounds like it is running fine and the person selling says it has been on for years but....

Has anyone seen this before??
I had the EML on, but no codes when I scanned. Hit "erase codes" anyway, and bingo, no EML.. using a cheap VW specific obd reader. Sorted.