Filled our 1.4 (90) TDi Sport with PETROL!!!


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So late last night we stop our AUDI A2 1.4 (90) TDi Sport at our local Shell station to top up the 1/3 full fuel tank and I managed to complete the task, to the brim, from the petrol nozzle.

Unknown we set off home where after some 2-miles the engine just stops; no amount of cranking would re-start the engine so parks up, hazard lights on. One sniff of the fuel filler confirmed what I'd done so we just had to wait for a tow from Britannia Rescue.

First thing this morning (0ºC ambient) I telephone the Fuel Doctor and within the hour they've arrived and siphon drained the fuel tank and added £20 of fresh diesel and a bottle of concentrated fuel additive all for the princely sum of £185.

To my absolute amazement the engine starts immediately at the first turn of the key and just kept on running as if my misdemeanour hadn't taken place.

I'm told this is one of the most common errors diesel car motorists make especially when they've petrol cars in their ownership; for my sins it was clearly my error but thanks to Britannia Rescue and the Fuel Doctor it seems my mistake has little or no fatal consequence.

A brilliant motor car is the AUDI A2 1.4 (90) TDi Sport...


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Did it on my old 90 Sport. Wouldn't have been so bad, but it was BP Ultimate fancy dan petrol at Michaelwood services on the M5! Only the best and most expensive wrong fuel for this boy!


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The biggest problem when doing this is that the diesel fuel pumps rely on the fact that diesel is also a lubricant.
Petrol isn't so much and so the pump is starved of some lubrication.

In your case there was diesel in the tank and so this may have been enough to prevent any serious damage.

If you do this on a modern diesel it can cause expensive damage to the seals in the pumps etc.

But I would imagine that older diesels don't suffer from this quite so badly (I hope).

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Ive always added a gallon of petrol to a full tank of diesel in winter to stop it freezing so i dout it would be much of a problem if any


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I did it once and then bought something like this or this

The one I had (Diesel Guard, I think) speaks a longer warning, something like "Attention! This car uses diesel fuel only; Only fill with diesel fuel" and repeats about 3 times.

Last week it didn't speak so after about 5 years it needs replacing.

PS While trying to find a link to my product I came across a story of a chap who misfueled a hire car. The rental company debited £9,000 from his account saying the small print in the rental agreement made him liable for the whole cost of misfuelling - i.e. not covered by the insurance. Ouch!


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So 2-months and 1000-miles later all is well and no problems: initially the fuel pump was audible and I was contemplating a fuel filter and, maybe, a fuel pump change but, with the following full tank of SHELL V-POWER NITRO+ DIESEL the fuel pump noise went away and all seems fine, thankfully

Great car the Audi A2 and it seems to suffer owner mistakes readily...


My dad always used a drop of petrol in diesel cars years ago and swore by it to keep from freezing up in winter, worked a treat and never had a problem!
Thats probably why it didn't make a lot of difference to your car, stay away from that green nozzle in future and stick to black nozzles only