Flasher unit DIY repair (part 8Z0 941 509 B)


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Just had the wild clicking from the back of the dash again, so I've changed the relay (again) but the random fast clicking continues (The indicators don't flash while this is going on).
I notice that a number of people start off with these symptoms just wondering whether a new relay fixed this in all cases, in which case my new relay is duff!




I haven't read the whole thread, but my indicators stopped working recently.
I fixed the relay with a pair of pliers. (see photo where to squeeze it) Note that there seem to be different versions of relays. But if troubles reoccur, you should also spray the indicatorstalk with contactspray, best to try that first. Cheers, Gumbold



Dev, excellent guide, I had this problem and it was the relay. I picked one up from Halfords for under 10 quid. Just make sure its got the 4 terminals before you wreck the plastic case in order to get the relay out.

Many thanks


Just picked up a new flasher unit this afternoon from Audi in Vantaa (Helsinki). Unit price was €50 (including VAT). Thanks to this guide it was a relatively easy replacement. It certainly helps to take the ashtray out to get leverage from underneath. I popped the unit out and then disconnected the cable as cable was too difficult to do with unit in place.

Plugged new unit into cable and tried it before putting back in location.

Probably could have got the part cheaper if sourced from UK and shipped to Finland by family, but benefit of getting it fixed immediately out weighed savings of shipping/searching from another location.


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Hi guys,

As my car does not have the storage tray and instead has the double DIN stereo plus the climate unit where the tray is on some cars, does it mean that my flasher unit is behind the climate unit?

And I therefore need to remove it to gain access? If so, how?




Good post, thanks.

Just got my flasher unit / side turn indicators going again. Just bent that little contact blade on the relay a bit. And, now it works!

Here is the longer story if someone wants to know how.

Put both hands into the storage bin and "locked" them there, then pulled the bin out.
Pulled the connector locks together and removed the connector to the left.
Inserted a screwdriver at each clip for the unit and pushed it to the right, and dropped it...
Unscrewed the ash tray, pulled it out and disconnected it.
Bent that forward wall in the lower bin back a bit and with the flash light I could see flasher unit and managed to fish it up again with a screwdriwer.
Took the steel clips off the unit.
Unclipped the housing.
Didn't know which relay that was which but connected it without the housing and could see that the one with two connectors was the hazard, which makes sence thinking about the number of lights.
Disconnected it again and with two micro screwdrivers I managed to bend the single connector relay plate by locking the plate with one screwdriver and pushing the connector together with the other one.
Could really see that it made any difference but connected it to see if it did the job, and it did.
Then put it back into its housing again and put everything else back.

Will be interesting to see for how long it works and when the flasher starts to hesitate again I know what to buy and what to do :)


I read and followed all this thread and yes I resuscitated the flasher unit on my A2. So v many thanks. Be patient, you will draw blood getting relay unit out, small hands and patience fare well. I broke a bit of the plastic housing at the back fishing (and pushing from the back of it too) the blessed unit out as described above, but no matter, it seems. I found two identical looking relays: one governs the hazards and the other governs the left (and right) turn indicators as far as I can see. All that had happened is that the metal strip in the relay was fatigued, so bend it a little with fine pliers and very small screwdrivers and it should revive. I tried contact spray first but this only worked for a short while. So all fine having done this, for last nine months. Its sound is the same as before, and has advantage of having retained original parts, and no cost! I expect it to fault again perhaps when it is cold and feeling its fatigue.


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Can anyone confirm that this is still the correct part number for the offending flasher unit and is it the same unit for all models of A2. In Spain and trying to locate one for my 2003 A2 1.4 TDI. Been told by a friend in UK that this part number isn't listed!!


Hi all,

just to say thanks for posting about this. I found it very useful. It is a pretty tricky operation, but I think I managed to get it done. As a means of adding something to the discussion, I accidently pulled off the front of the tray while trying to pull it out (which, as stated above, is pretty stiff). In some ways it seems this was a blessing in disguise, as I could then un-clip the rest of the tray by putting a skrew-driver in on one side where the clips are. Once the tray was out, a bit of brute force was needed to shift the unit out of its housing. Then, taking up some slack on the wire, I pulled it forward and disconnected it. I have put it back in and I am waiting to see if all is good (ie, that the flashers don't randomly come on at night while the car is off, which is why I was changing the flasher unit). One thing I am slightly worried about is that I don't seem to be able to get it to clip in fully into its housing again. It seems pretty firm so I am planning on putting some cable ties around it just to make sure it doesn't pop out over time.

Anyway, thanks again for the useful information.



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Hi All

I've not been around for some time; my A2 has been totally reliable until to day when the relay failed. I got the tray out easily and believe I can see the relay immediately behind where the tray was, does it look like a black box with wires connected to the left and right?

The reason for the post was to warn other members that if you have a tow bar the relay is on 7 to 10 days back order. It misses a beat occasionally before failing and if I hear that again in the future I'll get one ordered.



Just swapped the flasher unit for a new one as the indicators stopped working at the weekend. Current price is £41.44 inc VAT.
I noticed that the part is now made in Czech Republic rather than Germany, the cost seems to have risen significantly in the last 5 years!



Mine packed it in recently too. I popped it out (thanks to this mighty forum for the info on how to do that), opened it up and then used a scalpel blade and some contact cleaner to gently clean the contacts. Its been back in for a few months now and no issues whatsoever. Ill report back here if/when it goes again.
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Mine indicators have started acting up today. When using the stalk they will flast once or twice then stop.

Just to confirm, is the indicator relay, the same as the flasher unit?



Mine doing the same Audi in Aylesbury wants 45 pounds :( ,does any one know what to order if you wanted to fix the unit the DIY way ?


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I used something like Maplin's N30AW, but you can use pretty much any 12V relay with a high enough contact current rating and that will fit into the enclosure. My original repair is still going strong :)


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Picked up my replacement flasher unit today from my new local fancy Maidstone Audi dealership (they have a stunning UR Quattro in the showroom).

After a some scraped knuckles, cuts, scratches, and tender fingers I have replaced the unit, and once again have working indicators.

Here is the album link for how to do it:


I didn't see it necessary to remove the climate panel, but you may do so to add a little more room to play with. I hope the pictures help other A2OC members, as I found the descriptions earlier a little hard to understand, but when you do take it to bits it's pretty straightforward.


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Glad you got it sorted! Incidentally I see you went to Maidstone; not far from where I live! Would be great to do a social event and meet fellow A2 owners!