Gearbox oil change/ Noisy gearbox


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I just bought an Audi A2 1.4 TDI SE, 2003, with 153,000 miles on the clock.

I noticed the gearbox seems noisy on the motorway at normal speed.

I was wondering, should I change the gearbox oil, and if necessary should I also put Gearbox oil additive for further protection and smoothen the engine running.

I found recommended oil: VW Audi Transmission Oil Manual SAW 75 1L G060 726 A2.
And the additive: Slick-50.

Please advise.


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Definitely change the oil, it is very likely its never been done. Don't expect miracles though, I wouldn't bother with any fancy additives until after you have seen whether new oil makes a difference.
As above, change the oil, leave the Sick50 additives well alone - the engine treatment stuff they do really does deserve the name snake oil, so I can’t imagine the gearbox additive is much cop either!

I might be tempted to try another oil thickener such as the Lucas additive if your box is noisy and therefore you know you have wear, but ultimately you should be planning a gearbox swap in the medium term at least. I would suggest this is an excellent time to think about upgrading to a six speed, have a look at the relevant thread on that - it’s very easy to DIY or else get a competent garage to do, there’s just one bracket to make up.
Thanks A2OC Donor,

I will change the Gearbox oil only VW SAW 75 1L G060 726 A2 (2 litres).

About the Lucas additive, are you talking about Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 10001, like in the pic below, to be added to Gearbox oil to what capacity 10%, 25%?



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Yes that’s the stuff I was referring to - I’ve had success with it in the distant past, there may be a better alternative on the market now though, although in any case I wouldn’t expect much.
I've used Slick50 in a tired 'box on a T4 before and it did noticeably improve the shift quality. It wasn't that noisy, so can't comment on if it would improve that, but it certainly does something!
When I changed my box oil I added in some slick 50 for good measure. The stuff isn’t expensive and won’t do any harm.