Glow Plug Warning Light - help!


No issue, but the main idea of LED bulbs is because they are very low drain. So I can’t see the advantage of adding resistors and so making them “normal drain”. Not only that but I have seen many examples of where the heat from the resistors has melted plastic surrounds. So if there is no advantage why bother with having to wire in resistors, especially when you run the risk of them getting hot. Just look how hot a normal car bulb gets (if you have ever tried taking one out that has been lit. Very hot. So why just transfer that heat to a resistor!

But each to their own. I am a strong fan of LED bulbs in a car, but I am not a fan of resistors..

Steve B
Which led tail light bulbs did you use Steve, I've been thinking about replacing mine with Led's so any help is appreciated?


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The tail light bulb is combined with the stop light bulb so I don’t use LEDs for the stop/tail light bulb for the reasons mentioned above.

Steve B