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Hi everyone.

Just bought our first A2 1.4tdi today!

We’re currently a 3 x VAG car household with 25+years of all things VAG.

I’m a very regular forum member and contributor over on AudiSRS having recently restored a heavily modified B5 S4 avant.

We’ve just come from a VW beetle to this A2 and our first impressions are really good. Build quality is good other than a few little niggles. We should have stuck with Audi as opposed to going over the VW!

Anyway, our A2 will be a work in progress as it’s got 152k but having crawled all over it today there’s nothing too concerning other than a small oil weep from the top of the turbo.

Looking forward to getting to know the forum.


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Welcome to the club, grab a hot drink and some biscuits and have a good read of all the how to guides and projects, between those you will find hundreds of handy hints and tips, and pay the £2 to access the market section that will save you a fortune in the long run.
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Welcome along, the A2 will make a good antidote to the S4 when you want to save some fuel and go at normal speeds :)


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Welcome along - You'll soon learn these are very addictive little motors.

PS How's that brother in law of your's, Boss Hog?


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Welcome to A2oc, I trust you had an uneventful journey home from Edinburgh (ish). There's a fair number of members in the west, I'm in Hamilton though can be found working around Glasgow in a blue colour storm, Akoya TDI or occasionally a yellow colour storm (though I'm trying to keep the mileage down on that one).