How to search spare parts


I need to purchase some replacement parts for 2002 Audi A2 1.4 diesel .What is the best way to search this forum ( I am fully paid member)
1.Is it best for me to list the parts I am looking for,taking in to account some of the parts are for the interior so are colour specific.How do I specify colour is it by code ,reg no, description
2.Are there any specific A2 breakers on the forum who may have many of these parts I am looking for.
Thanks you for your help
Welcome aboard :)

David has tagged our resident ethical breakers above, you can start PM conversations with any or all of them, although @A2Steve has just gone on holiday for two weeks. Many parts are just sold by description in the Market. You can search the Parts section using the forum's search facility but it's not brilliant, also posts aren't always updated when the item is sold (they eventually get cleared away by Admin). You could by all means put up a post listing what you're looking for in the Wanted section - it's up to you.

Regarding interiors, a combination of your description and the year of the car will identify colours 9 times out of 10, and we'll get the other one with questions or a photo. There are only four basic schemes - Twist (beige), Swing (dark grey, until the end of 2001/Y with a few late registrations on '51 plates), Soul (black, 2001/51 onwards) and Platinum (light grey, 2001/51 onwards). If you have the codes label in the inside front cover of your service book or somewhere under the boot floor in the battery compartment, you'll see something like N0G/YA, the YA bit is the identifier for the colour scheme. (YA itself is Soul black).