Jay's 1.4SE aka the snotbox


Actually I have just re looked at your pictures, the loose end of the hose that has the flange on it should be installed in the fuel filler cap drain (your second picture looks like the underside of it). I had to clean this hose out on mine because it was blocked and I reinstalled it by removing the clip at the bottom and then threading the hose down through the area covered by the filler flap,that flange then seats in the flexible boot around the fuel filler.


Well it’s in!!!


It went a lot smoother then I thought it would, the only issue I had was the final washer that sat by the axle bushes, it needed some persuasion.

The only thing I need to do now is to bleed the brakes and fit the wheel arch liners, before I do however I saw this today on the driver side rear inner wing


It’s hanging there and looks like it should be connected to be something.
Looking up inside the arch all I can see is this

It looks like it’s an overflow for the filler neck, however the hose that’s hanging down and the only outlet I can see are the same diameter. Can anyone confirm if that hose does connect to the back of the filler neck.

Back on the headlamps, this is the reason I don’t lacquer the headlamps



The top of the lens has lacquer that’s starting to lift, the bottom of the lens is the same.
The centre of the lens is clear, the lacquer is missing, from experience in the past the heat from the headlights cases the lacquer to fail.
This one will be sanded back and polished during the week, updates to follow

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Lacquer peel on the headlamp can be caused by polishing the lens cover too much, so that there is no "key" for the lacquer to "bond" to. The lacquer gives the shine, not the lens underneath it.


The last week or so have been spent chasing down a fault that has been bothering the heck out of me and potentially stopping me from getting an mot on the car

Error code was 00812 - Brake Pressure Release Solenoid (F84)

3 possibilities,
  • Switch for Brake Recognition (F83) faulty
  • Wiring to Switch for Brake Recognition (F83) faulty
  • Brake Booster faulty
The brake lights worked so I eliminated that and the wiring to the switch, the servo (booster) works well so that was eliminated as well. all of this caused a problem, if those are the only 3 faults and they don't appear to be the problem what was causing it.
The brakes had been completely stripped and a lot of it replaced over the last few weeks, the system was bled when it all went back together, however put a pressure bleeder on it and more air appears, but still the fault code remains.

Because so much of the brake and abs had been apart Audifan suggested trying to run the car in order to allow it to learn its parameters all over again, we tried this and sadly still the fault code remained.

So finally I give in and bought a new brake light switch, arrived today and fitted it, sadly that didn't cure the issue. So I started looking at the sensors mounted on the master cylinder and servo, vcds kept giving good readings from all of these sensors but still I decided to pull the electrical connectors to the sensors, clean them and refit them.
this didn't quite go to plan, one of the plugs wouldn't snap back onto the sensor, after messing about with it for about 30 mins I decided to walk away from it and take a breather.
an hour later I went back to it, with some silicone spray put on the connector it snapped back into place and sat there once and securely, I then switched the ignition on and started the engine and all the warning lights went out!!

So after a bit of persistence the issue was resolved, next job is to refit the headlamps and then mot time