Jonny Smith is looking to review an A2

Hi everyone I had some online contact from Jonny Smith after his most recent car review on a BMW Z8. Anyway he liked and commented he wants to find and review an Audi A2 Castelrot 5 seater in Petrol. Might be a great opportunity for someone who has one. Happy to chat to anyone interested. Cheers
I may be a little pedantic on this one, but pretty sure Kastlerot is the German and correct pronunciation of the english Castle Red.
The correct German word for this A2 colour is Kastellrot, with 'rot' being red. Kastell is indeed the German word for a fort, although for a full-fat castle they would probably use Schloss. A weird thing to name a colour shade after in either case :)
I have a misano which i’ve translated to German and it means misano, lol.


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