Kimbolton Country Fayre 2019

Added to Calendar: 14-07-19

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Event date: Sunday 2019-07-14
Registration ends: Friday 2019-07-12
Username Guest count Note
a2sumo a2sumo 3 myself and my parents
A2 Louis A2 Louis 2  
Darren C Darren C 4 Usual foursome please Mike
Proghound Proghound 3 Lynette & Elise should both be able to come
Special edition Special edition 2  
Muska Muska 2 Probably me and the wife, looking forward to it already :)
sco sco 2 Myself and my wife.
den's a2 den's a2 2  
Teresa Teresa 3 Parents coming with me
wills wills 2  
Jellybean Jellybean 2 Plus a dawg
rosiedog rosiedog 2 plus Rosie
robin robin 2 me and maddy hopefully
Edward Edward 2  
Mustang-owner Mustang-owner 2 Myself and Glyn


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There are a few on the islands I spotted over the years

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Yep indeed. Posted a very unloved looking silver example spotted outside hyperdino in Puerto del Carmen last October. A few years earlier spotted a yellow storm in Playa Blanca. The few that's on the islands are likely sun scorched and dented to bits.


A2OC Donor
Hello you lovely lot. Great news back from kimbolton - great to be part of the fund raising.