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Talking to Darren C today and he said that the NSF strutt failed on his car about 8 weeks ago. He explained that the lower spring cup had just about rotten through all the way round, the failure happened as 2 thirds of the spring cup had failed resulting in the hole thing lowering itself down onto the tyre and scrubbing the inside edge down to the threads.

Now haven't these got a lifetime warranty ??and who would you contact the place you got them or Koni ??

Darren would have posted it him self but as he hasn't been on the forum for over 6 months he's forgotten his password so can't log in (what a plonker hey rodder's;))

Just something to start checking for when we swap them winter tyres off come spring. His are 5 years old so some of us are starting to get up to that age and some alot longer (Humps)

Cheers Phil
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Thanks for the warning, mine are coming up 5 years old albeit there was nothing serious of note when Mike (Skipton) serviced the car in September. Could do without this potential expense this year!
When I had my front springs changed last summer, they were getting pretty rotten, but are still sufficiently solid enough not to cause concern. I'll be putting the winter tyres on shortly, so will have another look.

In any event, failures need to be dealt with via the supplying dealer, so Awesome in my case. I'd expect to replace with stainless coilovers if mine go, mine are over 6 years old now, possibly 7 - can't remember exactly when I changed them.


I posted this on the German and someone over there has had a similar problem. He got a replacement from koni just sent a claim in from a link on there web page

Cheers Phil
When i swapped the winter rubber on, I noticed the paint is flaking a lot around the spring cup and there are some corrosion. But mine are not failing yet. Although I must have one of the oldest FSD fitted to an A2, my mileage is very low in comparison to others. I'm in London and so comparatively it must have seen less road salt too.

Those special inox CO from KW looks to last an eternity! But they aren't exactly cheap either!
Evening crew,

Plonker has a new password Mr Grim sir.

The premature failure of the FSDs is very worrying and a potential safety issue IMHO. The failure has occurred within 5 years of ownership and with only around 20k covered. The corrosion looks akin to 10 plus years I would suggest.

I have as yet to contact Koni direct, but need to do so a.s.a.p. I personally wouldn't want or trust the brand again - my opinion. Diane now drives my former pride and joy and carries the children in the car daily. If the shock had failed completely and at speed this might have ended tragically. I was lucky enough that Diane complained of noise and on jacking up the vehicle I noted the problem immediately. Shredded tyres too.

I advise that all FSD owners undertake a comprehensive inspection as matter of urgency. My deepest apologies that I was not back on here sooner with a word of caution.









Nice to see you back on the forum Darren. Best wishes to Mrs C and the kids.

Those photos are horrifying indeed. Especially after only 20k miles and 5 years. A couple of the things that attracted me to this updgrade outside of the improved handling was the lifetime warranty and that I expected to have a cosmetic enhancement with quality dampers that would not rust!

I'm assuming theres never been any harsh chemicals applied to the wheel arches from a power washer and no other components on the car are suffering a similar fate?
Hi Murdo, thanks for the welcome back. Hope life is being kind; your good wishes are reciprocated to you and yours.

No harsh chemicals or pressure washers. I am a fastidious OCD in regards to my cars (as you may recall). Always hand washed regularly.

Humps is the longest serving member as I recollect, so it will be interesting to learn what he finds. Perhaps mine were part of a faulty batch. Either way a serious concern for the safety of vehicle occupants and others on the road.
Shocking pictures indeed for 5 year old components. I've had front coil springs break before on the A2 - but never the strut seat. Having said that, I've had the strut seat fail on a Mercedes A-Class. However, it fractured - in my opinion due to electrolysis as it used a composite alloy and steel build, but wasn't as rusted as shown.

Check these links - as it seems you're maybe not the only one who's experiencing problems.

And this one (including picture) from a 5-year old front strut on a Volvo 850 in Indiana, US (which looks ready to break).
Link here: http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/158176-koni-fsd-rusting-away/?hl=+koni++fsd++rust#entry2186398


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Hi Darren "Plonker" LOL Sorry buy you know my sense of humour, as i posted earlier i put this on the German site and a member on there had had the same thing to them but maybe not to your extent. But he did say they would need photos and your lifetime garantee card. Now i haven't looked but don't recall seeing this with mine, will have to check

I fear that I am in the same boat then Phil, as I don't recall the card. I do however have my receipt (parts and fitment at Awesome) and the photographs and shocks themselves to serve as argument.
Will be checking mine at the weekend then, goodness me - I guess mine are getting on for 4 years old! I can't for the life of me remember where I bought mine from either.
Cheers Andy.

The OSF has rotten badly too, but hasn't quite succumbed to the magnitude of failure demonstrated on the NSF. The rears were fine.

Having lost total confidence in the brand, I had the stock suspension refitted. Lucky it has covered circa 10k and is in great shape. I won't ever buy Koni again.
Will be checking mine at the weekend then, goodness me - I guess mine are getting on for 4 years old! I can't for the life of me remember where I bought mine from either.

alot of us got these from Larkspeed as they was doing one of the best deals at the time most of us fitted these