My A2 project

I bought my A2 earlier this year, a 52 plate 1.4 petrol with 100k miles. I paid £1000 for it on ebay locally but as it turned out the gearbox was knackered. Ive recently been looking for a replacement gearbox which I can easily pick up for £200 but then i'll have to fit it and replace the clutch and probably the brakes as its been sitting for a while. As I'm thinking its worth around £1500 I don't think I can justify spending time and money on it when I could just buy another one ready to go. I don't think I will get my £1000 back for it so what should I do, fix it or sell it as it is...
If this isn't a sneaky for sale thread, then why not do the work on it? There's no guarantee that another 10+ year old A2 won't need a new clutch/brakes as well on top of the £1500 you pay for it. At least you'd have the peace of mind that it has already been done.
Im Scottish so it would break my heart to sell it at such a loss, its a nice car so im just trying to justify to myself spending £500 on it to make it right.