New owner of A2 1.4 TDI 90CP, ATL


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My name is Manu and I'm the owner of the A2 from title, We bought this car for have a small and low consumption car in family, but after we bought we realize that is not so small as we imagine.

Any how, we was very happy when we buy the car, but soon I realize that for few things I have in mind (at the moment when we bought) to arrange on this car (timing belt kit, Tandem pump and Flywheel or central Engine mount) is not worthiness doing just this work and is necessary to add more parts at the order because is good to change any possible future damage that will come up on the next short period due to the ages of this car and why not the Kilometers that has (260k).

P.S. I remove a part of this thread on the Service and repair section, because I think was more related wit that section.

Thank you and best regards !
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