NSF front door glass and tailgate instal - East London / Ilford


Hi All,

I require a glass for the NSF front door and a tailgate installed due to vandalism.

Can someone recommend anyone ? Or fancies doing it themselves, please let me know, I am in East London / Ilford.

Many Thanks
There’s an Audi main dealer in Chingford, it’ll be pricey though. There’s also autodeutsche in Camden not *too* far from you who are about 10-20% cheaper than main dealer prices IMO.
I’ve been looking for someone independent, local and Audi-aware in the same/similar area but no luck so far.


Admin Team
To replace the tailgate entire will be a really big job. If it's just the glass that's broken, a windscreen fitter could cut the replacement glass out and fit it to your existing one. The other bit you can swap in situ is the lower panel where the number plate sits.