Paint colour codes


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Does anybody have a list of A2 colour codes with the paint names. In my hunt to buy my first A2, I am talking to dealers around the country. They advertise as silver when it is pale blue, or just blue so I ask which blue, as their are 5 that I know of. They can't tell me, so they should be able to read (maybe) the colour code off the vehicle label in the handbook. Then I can check the colour. As we know, colours vary tremendously with digital photos.
Ho hum.

list of A2 paint colours below. The paint code is shown on the options and VIN sticker which is next to the battery under the boot carpet hatch.

Akoya silver metallicLY7H
Amulet redLY3C
Arctic blue metallicLY5W
Arctic whiteLY9D
Atlantic blue pearl effectLZ5R
Avus silver pearl effectLY7J
Azure blue pearl effectLZ5H
Arilliant blackLY9B
Arilliant blueLY5K
Brilliant redLY3J
Casablanca whiteLY9G
Castell red pearl effectLZ3R
Cobalt blue metallicLZ5Q
Crystal blue metallicLY7R
Deep green pearl effectLZ6E
Dolphin grey metallicLX7Z
Ebony black pearl effectLZ9W
Imola yellowLY1C
Island green metallicLY7S
Jaipur red pearl effectLZ3S
Mauritius blue pearl effectLZ5C
Merlot red pearl effectLZ3Q
Misano red pearl effectLZ3M
Papaya orangeLY2B
Piedmont red pearl effectLZ3H
Pine green pearl effectLZ6S
Polar whiteLY9H
Silver sea light metallicLY7W
Sprint blue pearl effectLZ5F

The colours are flat (non-metallic/pearl effect) unless stated.


Reformatted due to board update ...

Name Code
Akoya silver metallic LY7H
Amulet red LY3C
Arctic blue metallic LY5W
Arctic white LY9D
Atlantic blue pearl effect LZ5R
Avus silver pearl effect LY7J
Azure blue pearl effect LZ5H
Arilliant black LY9B
Arilliant blue LY5K
Brilliant red LY3J
Casablanca white LY9G
Castell red pearl effect LZ3R
Cobalt blue metallic LZ5Q
Crystal blue metallic LY7R
Deep green pearl effect LZ6E
Dolphin grey metallic LX7Z
Ebony black pearl effect LZ9W
Imola yellow LY1C
Island green metallic LY7S
Jaipur red pearl effect LZ3S
Mauritius blue pearl effect LZ5C
Merlot red pearl effect LZ3Q
Misano red pearl effect LZ3M
Papaya orange LY2B
Piedmont red pearl effect LZ3H
Pine green pearl effect LZ6S
Polar white LY9H
Silver sea light metallic LY7W
Sprint blue pearl effect LZ5F
I can’t see ly1s paint code above was this a special order colour for our new a2 this colour I’ve never seen on the on the road yes I’ve seen the odd one for sale ..but rarely wouldn’t be my first choice it was the 32k milage that sold it to us ..
Also what is it called as googled it says cosmic yellow ???
I saw an A2 in a colour I'd never seen before this morning whilst walking to work. It looked like a sort of dark sage metallic and I wondered if it was LZ6E.
It was a lovely colour and must be quite rare
I think that shade must be about the rarest, I've never even seen a picture of one in LZ6E. Do take a shot if you should see it again T 👍