Rat Problem.


A2OC Donor

so today I found out that a rat/mouse have decided to live in my car... o_O

A mechanic told me a few years ago that he noticed that I had traces of a rat in the engine "room". But I just assumed it was long time ago since I hadn't noticed anything. But Today I found fresh traces of rat, some rat droppings and also some paper tissue on the undertray I assume some kind of animal dragged in.

So how do I evict this little fellow, before he eats up everything?
I know this story only to well over the last 15 + years we have replaced two diesel fuel tanks in our a2s the top pipe is one of the favourites ..they seem to like it on top between tank and boot floor chewing away ..I know have rat and mice traps around the property 4 rats trapped 34 mice and that’s not counting ones that died of rat poison ..it’s been a long wet winter which has encouraged rodents to get up on higher ground ..we live on the Somerset Levels and is there much flooding around I’ve even had 5 moles in the garden Sall thinks I should take trapping up for a living 🤣..good luck .
I had a rats nest under a timber building I blocked off all the holes left one put a pipe on the back of the high lux and let the engine run for a good hour and a half that killed that lot ..sleep well you little b****rs ...
Oh also had mouse nest in my own a2 this winter chewed the bonnet padding 🤬 Steve bless sent me another ..