Remote losing sync


Hi, after having battery disconnected for some time I now find the keys lose sync.

I haven't changed anything regarding the electronics. The fob batteries are new the car battery good.

I sync the keys it works I drive the car get out and it doesn't lock, nothing. Key only locks drivers door.

For a long while the door locks have been cycling on starting car and drivers door decides itself when the door is open or shut.

Do I need to visit Sir Tom?

The "new" battery may not be good enough replace with fresh date battery. The remote itself could be faulty or more likely something is constantly pressing on one or more of the remote buttons. As it is a rolling type signal from the remote and it is sending out multiple signals and the car is out of range the sync is lost. Cycling door locks need to be addressed.

Hope you have at least 2 working keys for the car as the drivers door could well lock your key inside the car.
I have two keys they both lost sync at same time. Odd bith new batteries in last few months... Will try another sync...
New battery didn't help it. In the end it had to be soldered again by the legend of timmus. Now its fine. Old circuitry