Can anyone tell me where I can sell off various internal items from my 2002 sweetheart. I talking about head rests,audio and seats.
Many thanks in advance
Once you have access please can you set prices on each item Andrew and provide photos if at all possible. ?
In case you want to know how to upgrade to the market place, then the following should help.....

  1. from the menu bar at the top of the screen, select your picture icon(on computer this will also have your name next to it)
  2. from the drop down list provided select 'Account Upgrades'
  3. You will then see the option to click the link to pay the £2 upgrade fee

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The donation is appreciated, thank you :) ... but that's not the route to Market access. Click on your name in the black menu bar at the top, and select Account Upgrades. There's a £2 fee via PayPal, then the Market should appear in the menu bar for you, between New and Media.