Smurf joins the family.


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Having managed to persuade the boss we needed a petrol A2, a suitable car was found. Smurf is a 2004 base model 1.4 in Mauritius pearl blue, she has covered 48K miles. Interior is a four seater with blue seats with matching blue handles on the door cards(though these will be leaving soon as Cheryl wants her black leather sport interior back-currently fitted to my daily driver, Joe).
Smurf is settling in nicely, Cheryl is enjoying the light, quiet refinement of the BBY engine, as am I, the difference in driving character is incredible. Town driving is significantly more pleasurable to the extent that I'm informed Smurf is a keeper which is high praise for Cheryl. :)
So far I have given the body a quick mop and the interior a quick clean. Discs, pads and droplinks have been replaced and all that appears to be needed is a small exhaust leak repair before next months Mot.
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Looks a cracker David. If you can accept the little 1.4 engine for what it is then its a fantastically light feel to everything about it and suits the A2 concept well. Given its origin I thought that perhaps rust on the rear axle and wishbones may have been a problem but glad to hear its solid.
I do love a blue A2. Looks a very straight car
Nice purchase
I so agree on the lightness of the 1.4 petrol the gearbox is also sweet and the handling on the car is sublime compared to the tdi
Only down side is the road tax compared to the tdi and the drop in mpg obviously


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I drove a 1.4 petrol quite a lot recently, and thought to myself "if I needed a second car for local use..."
As Paul says, the handling is just so good, especially in those without OSS. Driving the country lanes between my house and my parents' house was such a pleasure.
Looks a gem David ?
I do like a blue interior! As a town car, I find the 1.4 petrol brilliant, lovely gearbox and clutch, and the whole car is super light and quiet. It will be great on your twisty roads!
A change of wheels I see? Love the cable ties on the under tray ?

Looks seriously good though.

Yes, SWMBO likes her 9 spokes. The undertray has very few (if any) of the correct fitting screws though it isn't about to fall off. ? Smurf is coming together well so far, managed to source a highly recommended paint guy at a very reasonable price who'll be painting the front bumper. It's been replaced at some point with a black one which appears not to have been keyed, paint has peeled off. He'll most likely be doing the rear bumper and arches too.
How's your R/H wishbone/control arm doing? In the picture it looks, err, like "flaking paint"......... hope it's only surface corrosion.
L/H looks like it's replaced in already.
How's your R/H wishbone/control arm doing? In the picture it looks, err, like "flaking paint"......... hope it's only surface corrosion.
L/H looks like it's replaced in already.
Correct, R/H wishbone is due to be replaced though it's not (quite) as bad as it looks. L/H was replaced following MoT failure last year, I understand the reactionary approach many have to vehicle maintenance though not when it comes to safety. I'll replace both with cast arms.
Yesterday I overheard an Audi A5 driver asking a garage owner why he had recommended new tyres as the TWI hadn't been reached across the tyre. ?
EGR pipe detached to check following an (apparently) erroneous EGR fault code. I take it these look OK to those more familiar with the 1.4 petrol(BBY)?
Out with the old, in with the older. I had thought the blue accent door cards were leaving with the seats though they look better now, helping break the black.
That's exactly the interior scheme of my Crystal Blue at the moment. The blue armrests do break up the black nicely don't they. Blue edge floormats in mine too.
Looks great, I bought some really nice rubber mats with blue stitching, although you can get other colours also. They would look nice with the door cards, I will find the link fit them.