Good morning,

I was wondering whom I should contact with regards to my order. I ordered two stickers, received an email back in December that it had been processed, but never received my stickers.

Best wishes

P. S. Not sure whether I've posted this in the correct category, so Admin Team please feel free to move this post.


Admin Team
I'm very sorry to hear you haven't received your order, I'd guess it's gone missing in the post. If you'll PM me your order number and confirm name and address, I'll be able to look it up and re-send it. We've missed the posting deadline for this weekend but I will be able to get it in the post on Monday.


A2OC joint merchandising co-ordinator.

EDIT: I can see the one that must be your order, the only one we've had for your location in the last few months. I'll PM you.
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