The definitive tyre / wheel size thread


Sorry for the question but where can I find more information about my wheels?
I just got a spare set of 18 inch 8j no other information can be found on them? They still need some work on them someone quoted me £230-ish price for a full refurbed. It's a not original as it's says. Tyres are 225/40/18.

I know it WHEEL be (sorry I couldn't resist) a pain to fit it but anyone else has done such a thing?
Does it even a good thing to run an A2 on an 18inch wheel?

Oh yeah how bad is the arch liner work if it's required? Is it easy at all or should I just forget to have the 18's on?

Thank you for any answer!


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People are running 18s its not that unusual. However tyres as is will foul most likely but without details on the offset its hard to say by how much.

Tyres as is though are more likely to foul on the wheel arch not just the liner given the alloys are already 8j. If the offset is more than 40ish you are going to struggle i reckon.

I would though say there are more on here with greater knowledge than I :)