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Having seen the news this morning that there’s possibly a second wave of the virus starting to spread in Europe, it’s looking quite probable that there won’t be any car shows this year.

As we’ve had to do in our every day life perhaps we need to adapt slightly and think outside the box.

How about a virtual car show. We all like looking at A2’s and every A2 is special. Sometimes photos don’t show the car as well as a video and so what about a virtual car show?

We can upload a video of our A2 and short description of what’s going on with your car.

The website software can’t upload videos, but it can certainly host links to YouTube.

I’ll start us off with a short video of my A2 FSI, but it would be great if you could join me in loading ones of your own cars.

If anyone is struggling with YouTube I’m happy for you to send the video to me via WhatsApp and I’ll host it for you.

So, here we go, a short video of Black Beauty. Nowhere near finished, but coming along nicely for a £400 scrapper. It’s not in its most clean of states but it’s a daily driver and so unless constantly cleaned a black car will never be immaculate.

Next jobs on the list are to transfer over the turbo running gear from a breaker I have here to give an extra 20-30hp making the FSI a little more enjoyable.

Oh and I really should give those fabia VRS callipers a lick of paint.

Great idea! VERY nice Steve, and that foliage really shows off the shine you've got on it. Looking forward to meeting that one on a future social for sure :)
Great idea Steve, we were just discussing something like this and how it could work.
I know someone who can edit videos and wondered about inviting people to send a 60 second video of their car, sharing something interesting, or in an interesting place. Then I could get them edited together and post the video somewhere (possibly the Facebook page if we can't do them on here)
What do folk think?
Sounds a great idea T.
I think I've got a lot of car-washing to do all of a sudden ?
Then I'd better learn how to record video - not sure my phone is up to it but my camera might be.
Great idea T..... if I can get into Jelly! Decided it doesn't want to unlock.

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