Then There Is Three Again


Oh dear, I just can't help myself. I have recently purchased an Atlantic blue1.4 petrol to push the fleet back up to 3, as per photo.
I have to say it drives really well for a 1.4 petrol and has lots of toys, leather (not heated😔)oss, bose, rear cupholder, cruise.
Sadly the seller wasn't totally honest with his description of the bodywork but that's the risk of buying blind during these difficult times, I have seen and owned worse. Overall I am happy with the car and would like to thank Ian and his wife (@Kleynie) for collecting and looking after the car for me and also for his and Adam's marvellous service on the oss.
I will having a trip to @timmus Towers in the not too distant future for a few little jobs, I'll pm you Tom in a few days to arrange.
The twist interior has scrubbed up really well (elbow grease, 95p Home bargains)
The only problem I have now is which one to take to any social events that hopefully there will be this year.
I can confirm that there is no cure to the addiction of these fun little cars


Admin Team
Congratulations Mandy, it looks and sounds like a lovely one :) Of course, the only one to bring to the first social we're allowed is the newest one to you!


I also have three A2’s now. They really do get under your skin in a way that I haven’t experienced with anything else.
Can’t wait to get the FSI MOT’ed and on the road. So I can feel for myself what all the fuss is about. 🙂


A2OC Donor
Looks good on your drive, Atlantic blue is really a nice colour. I too have three A2s, one being Atlantic blue, the rest are silver. Funny, each time I walk pass them my eyes are longer on the blue than the others. :)