Tuning the 1.6 FSI ?

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I am driving the 1.6 FSI since June and it's really a great car except for the acceleration at low speeds.

Has anyone heard of a chip tuning for the FSI engine? Do you think that it is possible at all with all the exhaust gas processing?


I think your car is too new to expect it to perform at its best. I bet it will improve over time.

Are you able to purchase the petrol grade as specified (or Shell Optimax) – because that would make a big diffrence.

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On paper the 1.6FSi looks resonably quick, but John is right that you need to run it on 98 octane to get the best performance.
I haven't had much luck finding info on tuning the 1.4 petrol and that's been around a while, so as the 1.6FSI is a new unit, don't expect to see tuning chips for a while yet. Also the ecu chips don't seem to make a huge difference in power on non-turbo engines, the best I have found for the 1.4 is a boost of 12bhp.

When you metion acceleration at low speeds, what engine revs do you mean? Have you looked at the power.togue curves for the engine? Maybe you expect it to pull at too low revs?

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Hi markus I am a 1.6fsi owner as well, I've done about 1,000 miles and already the car seems to be livening up, as well I noticed a great difference in using th 98ron petrol. I find that at low speeds the car need to be driven harder, that's the concept I think the fuel economy comes in when you drive it normally, but stay in gears longer with higher revs the car has a lot to give. I drove down some country lanes last week and found myself changing down gears much more than I used to in my 1.6 Aclass, but more fun! I've got the sport version wich I think Audi missed a chance of adding some quattro tunning options to! Although the suspension has great sport reactions. No thoughts on the tuning though.

good luck

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