Webasto fault-free but doesn't run


You're very welcome. I'm very glad that this has worked for you given the amount of assistance from many here at A2oc that i have received in the past 3 years on many different topics. Out of interest, does your VAG401 speak to your Climatronic / aircon ECU? Mine is able to access the Webasto ECU fine, but it won't access the aircon ECU on any of our three A2s. Wondering if it could need the updated firmware flashing in as I have this available but haven't seen the need to update yet. In my hands it appeared to be (sporadic) sensor errors in the A/C ECU that were preventing the Webasto from lighting up automatically, so if you are able to eliminate these either with the 401 if it does communicate, or otherwise VCDS lite (which should!) it should be possible to get it working completely normally again unless the G89 is properly goosed. Very best of luck!!
I have the same issue, the v401 won't link with the air-con ecu, I haven't updated firmware either. I have another handheld that will communicate with air-con and can clear codes bit I think the sensor needs replacing I'll update once sensor done. Cheers