What are the real differences between supermarket and oil companies fuel


1966 ...... I recon that I might have known him. 700 people worked there when I started. I've even got the telephone directory from the 70's/80's!

oh really! Well his name was Ron Burt, he was there from the mid 50s. He used to bring some very interesting cars home when I was little, in the name of “research”.

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Yes, that name is instantly familiar to me! I had Shell test cars frequently! It was a really good perk! Free car, free fuel (because it was on test) If you DID run out, you had to leave the car right there! It was then picked-up by "Shell Research" and trailered back. We would be amused to here who had misjudged the range over the week-end and would have a joke with them! I also had some very potent cars ..... they were testing axle lubricants and wanted cars with a high power to weight ratio. I'm thinking hard, now, of exactly what I can recall about your Father. It's a pity that I don't have a photo of him ...... I definitely know him!